Cubase 10 user Questions (MIDI control and Padshop 2)

Greetings there! I am a Cubase 10 user (not 10.5) and I have two questions.

  1. Is there a way to assign a physical MIDI controller to a parameter but only for a range of that parameter. For example, I want to control the reverb time with a knob on my MIDI controller, but I want to affect it between 5-10 sec. Can I assign a minimum and a maximum so when I have my knob to zero my reverb time will be on 5 sec and when it is to its max position the reverb time will be 10sec.

  2. As a Cubase 10 user can I upgrade my Padshop to Padshop 2 without having any issues. I don’t own the separately bought version of Padshop, the one that comes with Cubase is what I have!

Thanks in advance!

If you’re talking about quick controls, or directly bound generic remote events to VST lanes…I don’t think so. Not in a simple way at least.

However…if you’re using CC lanes to drive synth parameters assigned or learned in a plugin itself then yes, you can limit/compress/mirror a given CC to your heart’s content using the global/track transformers, track inspector MIDI Modifiers, and various MIDI Track Inserts (including more transformer modules). I.E. If you can right click the control in the plugin and ‘learn’ a controller…then no problem. I.E. If there is some sort of controller matrix in the plugin for the parameter you can set, or if it’s listed in the instrument’s manual as a hard set CC, no problem.

Some plugins will let you set floors and ceilings for a control right there with no extra fuss! For others, you might need to use real time MIDI track transformers.

If you were to add a virtual MIDI port, then you could also use additional empty MIDI tracks to transform first, then ‘route’ a controller into the quick controls, or a generic remote configuration. This would only be necessary for an instrument that has registered VST lanes, but no built in CC links for them (and no way to make them).

I.E. Install a virtual port such as loopMIDI.

Have a MIDI track with your controller as input, and the virtual port as output. Build the logic to transform the CC in question. Toggle the monitor button for the track on.

Set the input for the Quick Controls, or a Generic remote map with a control bound to the VST lane(s) desired to be your virtual port.
Controller>MIDI Track>Virtual Port>QC||Generic Remote

Another option is to use something like Bidule or Bome and a virtual port. Do transformations in the third party app before it ever makes it to Cubase.