Cubase 10 & V-Control Pro

Is there maybe anybody else who has issues with V-Control not working?
I use this i-pad app for years now and in C9.5 it still works on W10, but not anymore since C10.
I have the latest update of Vcontrol for Windows10 and exactly the same settings in both Cubase versions, but it does not work in C10.


What exactly does it mean, it doesn’t work, please?

Does Cubase receive the data? Is the Mackie Control (if I remember right, V-Control is using this protocol) setup? Does to Control part work? Does the showing GUI plug-ins part work?

Hi Martin,

I also have contacted the people at Neyrink.
It means that in Cubase behind the V-Control midi port it says Active, but the vcontrol on the ipad is not responding when a project is loaded.
All settings in Mackie control and midiports are correct.
I do not know exactly what you mean by those terms, but everything I can think of is exactly the same in Cubase 9.5(which I still have installed and use sometimes), and there the Vcontrol app still works. I can control cubase from my ipad.
So the connection between PC , ipad and Vcontrol is correct, but no responds between C10+ipad.
You only can make settings in Mackie HUI and midiports for the Vcontrol and both have the same settiings as in C9.5


Unfortunately I don’t know, how is V-Control installed on the computer side. Is there a dedicated component? Do you have to copy the dedicated component from Cubase 9.5 to Cubase 10 maybe?

After installing the app on the PC you only have to install MACKIE HUI with 2 lines of rules, very easy.
After that you can see in the new midiports that the Vcontrol port is “active”.
There are very clear instructions how to make all settings. I checked them over and they are exactly the same as in C9.5
I hope they also can help me at Neyrink…


OK, I see. Then it should work in Cubase 10 too, once you set up the Mackie HUI there.

I want to let you know that i just received a reply from vcontrol, they have noticed the issue and are working on an update


Good to know, thank you. So it seems it’s not on Cubase side, right?

Most probably not, but let’s see untill their update.