Cubase 10 VST Count limit (FLS slots)

We have been in touch with MS and Pete specifically all the time about the MMCSS issue and our developers spoke to MS about the FLS limitation in the past too.
Pete also informed our Audio Engine about the FLS change devs a couple days ago. I didn’t see this coming simply because MS didn’t communicate it directly to us before announcing it publicly.
This only shows that MS was very fast and transparent in informing the user base and 3rd parties alike about this specific change, not that there is no communication.

This is very good news. The Synthtopia article is excellent and gives more of the details.


100% correct. Steinberg is a good partner.

When it comes to insider builds, we tend to move quickly, especially right after the holidays. It made sense to get this information out to as many impacted folks as possible.


This is refreshingly good news.I think a plug-in potential of 4000 instances will just about do for now!

I had to manually fiddle around with the latest Windows update (1809) to get it to work, the default always seemed to give me the unsmiley face :frowning: and rolled back the changes. I eventually got it to work by doing a manual download. I’m hoping that when this change gets rolled out by MS, it just works. It’s at least a 12 hour time suck to figure out how to fix MS update bugs. Getting out of date means that I’ll have less than 50 FLS slots for my projects. I’m really looking forward to this, I hope the update works.

Hi Pete,
Thanks for getting in, great news, we are really happy to have you here.

Cheers :wink:

This will be life changing (over half of my life is within Cubase, haha)! Thanks for the info; makes it easier to work under the current situation knowing there is a fix on the way.