Cubase 10 VST Count limit (FLS slots)

Any details regarding VST count limit in Cubase 10? Is there any improvement over previous version?

For those who are not familiar more info here: and here:


Mine still shows the same free (about 75).

I really hope they would solve this problem somehow or create a work around.

That’s quite little.

In another thread Steinberg replied that JBridge should no longer be needed to get a higher plugin count…hope that is the case.

Sorry, not really.

In the other thread, the topic is MMCSS limitation and is a whole separate topic to FLS count.
However, that part of my reply was misleading and a potential can of worms, I edited out that line.

As for the FLS limitation, Cubase 10 improves only marginally (3 on my main DAW, haven’t checked anywhere else yet).
There are a few more tasks that will further improve this, but the only real solution is VST plugins to be also dynamically linked.

“but the only real solution is VST plugins to be also dynamically linked”
This, I hope vst devs read this, especially Arturia

FLS checker shows 103 free slots in Cubase 10 on my machine while 9.5 gives me 99.

As a mini improvement we can still remove stuff we don’t need from the components folder. Euconadapter, OMFFilter (welcome AAF!), goproremoteski - whatever stuff you might not make use of anyway.

I probably have more, I forgot there’s some stuff inserted on the control room. I’ll double check tomorrow.

The Devs dont care. Except when customers lie on them to fix this. I contacted UA support and the response was - ‘your only the 3rd user to report this ever and because the development effort is not trivial they didnt believe it would be looked at any time soon’ (paraphrasing). Meanwhile they keep churning out plugin after plugin that are statically linked.
It will take all Cubase users to take the time to lodge support requests with each plugin vendor. Even then I’m not hopeful!

I’m getting 7-10 more FLS slots in Cubase 10 compared with Cubase 9.5. Then by taking out a bunch of the Components that I don’t use, I got 12 more slots. So that’s something. And if I need to, I’ll jbridge some stuff.

Still would be nice to never have to worry about it.

I hate spamming threads (there are a lot of threads on this topic) , but I want to make sure everyone who has run across the FLS limit sees that we’ve put a fix in the next release of Windows 10


Pete don’t worry about over posting. This is super useful. Thanks.

When is the next release due, Pete…this could be a life saver…

If all goes well, the release will be the 19H1 release. We haven’t published a date for that, but the name gives you a clue that it should be in the first half of 2019.

I’m pretty excited about this. It took a while to get this implemented, but I’m happy to see that Vista-era limitation effectively go away. Some folks think only a few people ran up against this, but the more I look, the more posts I find on various forums.


Brilliant news thanks! Well done Microsoft for listening.

Thanks Pete, that is indeed fantastic news, and as others have said here, thanks MS for listening!

Great news!

That’s definitely not spamming, thanks for posting Pete! We actually have a dozen threads about this topic, the more people get to know, the better.

Great, great news, I didn’t see this coming!

If this is the case, maybe Steinberg should collaborate more with operating systems(Apple/MS), sounds kind of funked up, if you heared it thru the unofficial forum. Glad that at least you were honest.