Cubase 10 with Blue Cat’s Axiom plugin

I am having high CPU usage problems with Cubase 10 Pro (10.0.60) and Axiom guitar effects plugin. I must go to 256 samples to get decent roundtrip latency and still get audio performance spikes and warnings. This seems to happen especially as plugin in Cubase, not in standalone version, and notably not as plugin either in Studio One.

I first suspected my Steinberg UR44C, but it performs fine in those other configurations.

So there seem to be some problem here between DAW and plugin but where? Are here any Cubase+Axiom users? How it is going?

I use Axiom all the time, on several/lots of tracks. I don’t see any excessively high CPU demands, it will work with a 64 sample buffer @ 44.1 kHz.

I have trouble with certain combinations of 3rd party plug ins, I can’t say for sure that Axiom is involved.

But I am on a Hackintosh/MacOS, so that’s comparing apples with oranges.

Yes I reckon it is a bit. :slight_smile: