Cubase 10 with Kontakt & Substance


I have Cubase 10 Elements working fine on a Windows 10 system. Have any of you been successful in getting:

  1. Any plugin for Kontakt 6 Player working with Cubase 10? If so which plugin(s)?

  2.’s Substance (bass engine) that uses Kontakt 6 working?

I am looking for some pointers on how you were able to do it. I admit I am new to Kontakt.



If no responses means no one is using Kontakt 6 Player and Cubase 10 - can you please tell me why?

Could you not get it to work? Did you have a similar product\solution that works easier with Cubase?

Thank you.

Are you asking if Kontakt Player works with Cubase? If so, the answer is yes. Cubase is possibly the most commonly used DAW for Kontakt player. If you need help, you’ll probably have to provide more information. For example, are you asking how to use VST plugins in Cubase? If, on the other hand, your question is specific to Kontakt, you could contact NI, or ask in their forum. If your question is about Substance, you should contact Output.


Thank you for the thoughtful response. I am so glad to hear Kontakt and Cubase work OK!!! Perhaps my newness to Cubase and Kontakt are in the way of me not describing my issue ideally. From your response though:

  1. I have Cubase 10 Elements working OK with the stock\default VSTs\plugins (HALion etc.).
  2. I want to use Kontakts “Substance” bass engine by
  3. I have successfully installed Kontakt 6 player and Substance from the Kontakt menu seem to be working OK graphically (menus etc.).
  4. I do not see Kontakt 6\Substance as a listed VST Instrument (not sure if that is normal for Kontackt).
  5. Though I have followed the Cubase docs, I am not exactly sure how to add a Kontakt tool\instrument such as Substance in such a manner that Cubase “sees” it. Do I add it as a “New Collection” in the VS Plugin Mgr? This is where I am fumbling\unsure.

I will of course look to the other vendors docs but as stated above I think I have Kontakt and Substance installed OK.

Can you offer any other pointers?

Sincere thanks,


so you have added Substance inside Kontakt? if yes what is the problem? you add a midi track and connect it to kontakt /or add instrument track and play the midi once the Substance is loaded on the right side inside Kontakt.

Substance won’t show up as a instrument in your menu in Cubase. Only in Kontakt


I want to sincerely thank you. I got it working! Your help was vital to me getting here. Thank you.

In part, I write documentation for a living (day job). Here is an initial draft\notes on what I did to get it to work. I hope it makes the process easier for newbies to come:

How to use Kontakt 6 in Cubase 10

1. From Native Access confirm Kontakt "Installation Path" for VST:
   C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit
   Note: Kontakt.dll

2. From Cubase Add Path to Kontakt
   a. From the Studio menu select the "VST Plug-in Manager".
   b. From VST Instruments tab select "gear" icon at bottom.
      This will extend bottom and show paths to existing VSTs.
   c. Select "+" add button and enter path to Kontakt VST.
      Example: C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit [Select Folder]
   d. Select "Rescan All" button.
   e. If install and path correct, you should see "1 new VST instrument(s) found."
   f. You can select "x" to close window.

3. Using Kontakt Instrument in Cubase
   a. Right-Click on main window and select "Add instrument track".
   b. From drop-down menu (other) select Kontakt then [Add Track].
   c. Observe a new Instrument track is added to Cubase main window area.

4. Manually create or paste in notes in the below window.

5. Press space bar (to Play tracks) and confirm it is triggering the corresponding Kontakt instrument.

QC Check Kontakt and Cubase

1. From Kontackt go to your instrument and confirm:
   MIDI Channel (1 on Stereo output).
2. From Cubase confirm the Kontakt instrument track matches the above.

Defaults shown above (which should be OK). Change as required.

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Getting started with Cubase can be challenging. Don’t overlook the Quick Start videos that are presented in the hub.

Getting started with Cubase can be challenging. Don’t overlook the Quick Start videos that are presented in the hub.

Yep. I used these vids too. I think they are great! Kudos! I should have mentioned that and I ALWAYS start with the docs too.

One thing that set me back as a newbie was a video on a topic where the version the instructions where in was just old enough where the current version path\interface to getting the same thing done is not the same. PULLING HAIR OUT (AKA gargantuan hours) Googling and the like for just a few words that wold give a hint at where and how it is done now. → That is one reason THIS forum is invaluable. :slight_smile:

I am so excited though about Cubase and the possibilities. Great community too.

Hey ThatDrummer, thanks for sharing your solution here. This helps other beginners - like me - to be faster in setting up things. My issue was that all other instruments did write their VST plugins in the right folder and were directly recognzied - but not the Kontakt Player. So I had the same issue. Thanks to your step-by-step it was absolutely clear in seconds. THANKS.