Cubase 10 with Yamaha PSR-S775

Hello all, I recently got yamaha Psr-s775 arranger Keyboard, and am trying to set it up with my Cubase Pro 10.
I looked online and read the yamaha manual trying to find a vst editor for it but can’t find it.
Is there a way to easily integrate Psr-s775 with cubase 10 so I can select and save sound presets of the Psr-s775 inside of cubase project ?

is there a vst editor for Yamaha psr-s775 ?

Sort of, but it’s not really a “VST Plugin” per-se.

Getting the audio inputs where your PSR is connected on the Instrument rack is pretty simple. Just hit F4, choose the “External Instruments” tab, add and name a new instrument, and tell Cubase what audio inputs and MIDI ports are involved. From then on, you’ll always be able to add your PSR to the rack just as you would any other VST/i instrument. You’ll most likely want to add it to projects as a ‘rack instrument’ rather than as a ‘track instrument’. Particularly if you also plan to incorporate a special MIDI Device profile to go with it.
Here’s an example my having done so with a Roland Fantom XR:
In my case, the instrument supports 4 analogue outputs, and a stereo SPDIF output. While I could associate them all with a single addition, instead I elected to set it up as three different instruments rather than one, since I don’t always hook up all 6 potential inputs.

By default, you should get options in the track inspector of MIDI tracks to enter Bank and Program Changes. One method of calling up instruments through Cubase itself. The bank entry portion in the track inspector wants the bank changes in 14 bit format.

If your PSR manual only gives the old MSB/LSB variants, and you wish to convert them into the 14bit format, the equation is simple:
(MSB X 128) + LSB

You can also enter such events directly into tracks using lanes in the Key-Editor, or entering them directly in the List-Editor.

If you want that Bank/Program change area to change into a List of meaningful instrument names, then you’ve got a couple of choices. One is to find or make make a ‘patch script’. The other is to set up a custom MIDI Device.

Unless you luck out and find a ‘patch-script’ already done somewhere (such as here), I personally recommend just skipping to working with the MIDI Device system to gradually build your own.

You can start an instrument profile through the “MIDI Device” portion of Cubase. As you need sounds, look up the bank and program changes involved, either on the instrument itself, or in your instrument manual, and enter them into your device profile.

Here you can see an example of my having added an instrument, which I named “B-87-65-091 Violin”) for my Roland Fantom XR:

Note how I first entered a bank change. I elected to use a 14bit command, but you could also elect to use the old two part bank changes that use separate MSB and LSB entries.

You might get lucky, and find where someone has shared “patch Scripts” or “Device Profiles” on the internet. I did a quick search and didn’t find any for a PSR-S755 specifically, but I did find some Cubase ‘patch-scripts’ for Yamaha XM soundsets, and things of that nature. Cubase ships with a GM and XM profile already there for you (I think…), so if your PSR supports those modes…you can start from there…

These “Device Profiles” can range in complexity from simple lists to chose patches, to complex SYSEX/RPN/NRPN based controls linked to buttons/faders/knobs/and more (all of which can be automated on a special ‘device track’ that’ll pop up as a new track type in projects).

This portion of Cubase gets its own little manual, and you can find it here:

Thank you so much for such detailed explanation.

I guess I need to find patch scripts or create my own.

(I thought since yamaha and steinberg are pretty much one company their products would integrate very easily, like with vst editor that most korg workstations have, but unfortunately that’s not the case with yamaha arrangers)

Please if anyone has patch scripts of Psr-s775 please let me know