Cubase 10 won't work with new GPU

Hey everyone,
I recently installed a new GPU (1080 ti) and now Cubase won’t start up. It always kind of crashes in the loading screen initialise: VST audio systems. Anyone had that before? I seriously can’t find a way to avoid this and i cannot disable my VST plugins because it also won’t let me do this. I’m really struggling right now. Got covid and I don’t know what else do to. Steinberg won’t answer my ticket.
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Hello and Welcome to the forum,

Good to contact support, and just be patient. It may take several days before they get in touch.

Meanwhile I suggest to check/update the graphics driver if not already done.
I’d ‘re-install’ the NVIDIA drivers as ‘Clean and new’ install, omitting all but the ‘core’ driver.
On my system this made my Cubase stable again (albeit Cubase 12 in my case)

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You are on your own with this one - Steinberg dropped support for all versions of Cubase earlier than Cubase 11 effective from 1 October 2022.

It sounds like the issue might be with a VST plugin. I would ensure all your VST plugins are updated to the most recent version you have a licence for and try again. If that fails to solve the problem, I would see if Cakewalk by Bandlab will initialise with your current VST plugins.

Another way to proceed is to install a Cubase 12 trial then, if that gets you running, upgrade your Cubase licence to version 12 at 40% off in the current sale.

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Thanks to both of you. Let’s be honest. I think it sucks that they dropped their support for Cubase 10. I’ll try with Cubase 12 then.