Cubase 10, Yamaha N12/N8

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Can anyone confirm if Cubase 10 plays well with the Yamaha N12, in terms of the transport controls etc. It plays well with Ableton and Logic on my Mac Pro but obviously hardware integration is not as complete. I’m interested to see if it’s worth getting Cubase to get added workflow benefits.

If it doesn’t work, can anyone confirm the last version of Cubase that still fully integrated all the N12/N8 transport controls etc.

Thanks very much.

I’m using the Yamaha N8 with the latest Cubase and everything works fine…

Perfect thanks.

I was using it with the n12 until a couple of months ago (may have been 9.5) but integration was working fine. Great sounding interface but I needed something I could take out and record a full band to SD card so bought a Zoom L20.


I am using the N12 for 6 years now on all the cubase versions, latest 10 included.
And it works and sounds great, for me a very satisfying mixer + interface, fully integrated in cubase. Very handy are all the funktion buttons.
My only fear was the upgrade from windows 7 to 10, since it uses firewire. I did the upgrade last december, and it still works just fine.

What software do you need to install for the Yamaha n8 / n12 digital mixer in Cubase?

“Win_Tools for N v274X64” is the last available software/driver package from Yamaha for the N series.
And offcourse a FW card with a Ti chip onboard in your computer.
Still working great here.

I apologize. I can’t adjust the chain.
I am using Windows 64 (Cubase 10.5) - n8 / n12 - Yamaha S90ES connection via IEEE 1394 cable (FireWire).
Please tell me, will this work after installing this software?

Sorry, please be more specific. I do not understand quite well what you mean by “adjust the chain”
The N12 will work in W10 + Cubase when you connect it with a FW cable.
I see the S90ES is a keyboard. When your N12 is connected to the PC then you can connect a keyboard to any of the mixers inputchannels and/or to the midi in-/outs. Everything will work just fine for recording in Cubase.

Hi. these is so great news. I have a friend that want to use his yamaha n12 in windows 10 pc. Now, I see that N12 will work in W10 Cubase in fire wire. What FW card do i need to get so when in put the computer together works. is like a mix bag of sources in the internet. What is correct part. It will intel motherboard. I still need to send the list of the pc part so he can get these parts so we are on time thanks so much for any info.

I use a firwire card with an instrument chip on it, look for such a card and it will be okay

Thanks for the reply. that is what i am looking for. i have no idea the model. is the info i am looking.

what about the PEX1394A2V2 from startech. with TI TSBAA2

With a ti chip it should be okay

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Okidoki. how are the amd for these. Or just deep on intel for these The functionality will be great for TR4s 2950. i think is nice point to enter.

Update jumping to x299. cpu will have a year more. for the rest i am NDA. 10900x will be a goodpoint to start and i am user TB and FW can do. i will post later how was it. i i will send the list with the FW card and see how the yamaha N12 reacts thanks guys.