Cubase 11.0.10 Maintenance Update

Thanks for this update! That said, since components are split up now separately in the Steinberg Download assistant, It would be nice to have an indication of what component versions I have installed and for which component a maintenance update is available. (Or at least add datetime of when the last component update did become available) I noticed that there are updates for Retrologue and Groove Agent SE available as well, but I have to look somewhere on the Steinberg site to find out…


If you guys could add also a “clear recents” function would be great. :hugs:

Yes! I’m having a bad time editing!!

 Hi Matthias,

Thank you for the updates and for following our feedback!
I found the “up” button disappeared on the compressor plugin after the update. And this applies to the update not only of Cubase, but also of Nuendo and Wavelab. Please explain why this happened. Was this feature not working as expected, or is this an annoying misunderstanding?

@All_Smithh See here:-


Did that. No change. Hangs GUI 100% of the time. Tried deleting press, removed all plugins - still hangs.

Hi to all

Is it worth waiting for the next update, because their seems to be a lot of dodgy things going on at the moment.
All the best

This thread is extremely off topic. Can we talk about a list of confirmed issues that 11.0.10 seems to have introduced. I iunstalled it on my B home Windows machine and noticed the meters are now green and also the file type icons are blank. I also had some unexplained crashes while trying to start a mix that CrashDumps pointed to Cubase itself but no information I could decipher within WinDbg. I’m unwilling to install it on my Studio Machine until I know more. Are these confirmed issues? Are there more?

I have installed the Cubase update, the NI updates for Kontakt and Absynth, and the Spectrasonics update for Omnisphere, and the UI scaling issue (Windows 10/nVidia @4k ) persists in each case.

I agree, it is confusing for me too. The way Spectrasonic shows what is already installed and which updates are available is perferct for me.

That poll is kind of a statement.

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Don’t have a huge amount of voters yet, but from my experience, people understand when things take a while to be ready. It’s just meant to be an indicator for you guys to assure you, you can safely take your time to get things nicely bugfree and stable. Just communicate that you need some time and that you are working on it, and people will be patient. Just an advice: be transparent about it though. Silence creates uncertainty and gets people on edge.

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But it feels disingenuous. It’s the cycle we’ve been in for years.
Continually kicking the can down the road then acting like transparency is a new discovery while introducing stuff we never asked all while ignoring glitches that have been there 2-5 years.

oan, just the fact that the Poll is telling us we’ll get either or is very telling.
So you CAN’T add new features While fixing issues? This is EXACTLY what kicking the can down the road does.

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Yet Cubase is still the best DAW

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I just voted ‘neutral’ as it was the only way to see the poll, after reading your comment i was curious how it stood.

I’m still on C10.5, but obviously watching as C11 develops as to when the best to update is. There could be many voting on this thread like me, who don’t even own C11 - because i can’t see anyway to undo it. :slight_smile:

problem with the presets
remove projects
and audio configuration

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