Cubase 11.0.10 Preferences issues

Does anyone know how to:
1- Open CB after crash without prefs in safe mode, then
2-Start session safely, and bring preferences back? According to the instructions, it says you can bring back preferences. Or does that automatically happen?

  • I saved the prefs in a separate place by copying the folder in the Library on the Mac.
    4- Why does this occur? is CB more stable without any custom settings in the pref’s?

AFAIK, and unless you have saved all the files involved in the preferences settings, there is no way to retrieve the previously existing one. Beside this, no, the preferences retrieving do not happen automatically and about why it occurs, well… Only a development team member could answer, I guess. More infos available here

From my experience, I am absolutely against the idea that custom settings could lead to more instability. Otherwise, I would probably see Cubase crashing at least twice a day. Actually, it’s probably more something like twice a year…

So, each time I do, either a Cubase update or significative preferences/setup changes, I save all what is in the C:\Users<username\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase [version]_64 folder (something like 60 Mb) in a safe place. It probably saved me several headaches related to the preferences management : I know I can experiment and be able to retrieve them all, if needed.

Thank you for the reply. If I do want to restore the preferences from prior time, I assume that I:
trash the folder called “ Cubase 11” in the library/preferences folder, if needed, then replace that folder with the saved preferences copy I made and kept, correct?
Glad to know yours is working. There are many GUI related bugs with my iMac Pro / high Sierra. CB crashes every two days. Looking into all possibilities. Thanks

PS. When I started in safe mode after a crash, it gave me the options of not loading the preferences, and said that I would “have the opportunity to bring the premises back later.“
So I opened the program with no preferences and then I saw my preferences presets there. Didn’t know this was possible. This is good…

Typo “preferences” back

Correct, as I already had to do the procedure a long while ago. Sorry to see that C11 is as unstable on your end… :slightly_frowning_face:

About the preferences presets, beware : AFAIK, these are the presets saved in the Preferences window and involved strictly its content. IOW, a lot of other things, such as studio setup, or audio connections related settings are not included in them.

The most reliable way to get everything functional without hassle is to regularly make a backup, as described in my previous post and eventually use it, when needed…