Cubase 11.0.2 on Big Sur Macbook pro 16'' unusable with CPU Spikes

Hi Everyone, I’m having an insane amount of problems with Cubase since I did updates, today I tried to open a project I finished couple of months ago for an Advert, with the same Buffer size settings (1024) and also wibnt 2048 buffer the Cpu meter is always at 100% and Cubase in Activity monitor is using 300% of CPU, I also have similar problem ith newer projects with 6 or 7 audio tracks. I don’t understand why is doing this, I tried with other DAW and i can work without prioblems, I’ve also reset all Cubase preferences in safe mode, still no luck. Do you have any solutions? suggestions?
I bought cubase in december thinking that was the best DAW out there, but I think I’ll go back to Ableton Soon cause is impossibile to have all these problems.

Also I have to Add that the CPU Overload is not immediate, if I play the project it starts ok then after 2 or 3 time i press play th Average goes at 100% and stay there even if the project not playing, if I freeze stuff nothing will change after

Hi. Did you get your issue solved? Would you share what you did if so?

I’m having the same problem on my MacBook Pro 15" 2019 on Catalina.