Cubase 11.0.20 maintenance update

The latest maintenance update for the entire Cubase 11 range, version 11.0.20, fixes several issues across different areas of the application and ensures macOS Big Sur compatibility under Rosetta 2.

We recommend installing this update and reading the Release Notes for detailed information.

The following components are required to update to Cubase 11.0.20:

Cubase 11.0.20 – Application (required)

Please let us know how satisfied you are with the maintenance update in general!

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I am happy to see a good list of fixes, which makes me confident that C11 should be in an acceptable state now. But that doesn’t mean I am fully satisfied with how robust and bug-free it is.

Merely 20 minutes after trying several things, I found the first issue that I consider a reproducible bug: Issue: Cubase 11.0.20 virtual keyboard behaviour

Discovering undesired behaviour so quickly makes me honestly still question the testing methods and general quality of Cubase.
Keep in mind that we are almost half a year in the life cycle of version 11. I really love the feature set, look, ergonomics of Cubase. I just want it to be a rock solid and reliable platform, that behaves as I expect and won’t crash on me.


While we are at fixing things, can we please, please, finally also get the CPU overload indicator to not warn by default? This is annoying people since 2017, and I am still eager to see it gone!

This is usually the first thing I look for each and every update. And every time, I get disappointed. I am dead serious, if the CPU indicator still keeps warning during creating an empty project or loading a project in the next maintenance update, I’ll call it quits and never buy another Steinberg product. I have already become friends with Logic Pro in the meantime while waiting months for Cubase to be in a good shape. But if such obvious and absolutely visible issues won’t be touched in years, I’ll give up and switch the platform for good.


First things I tried was the right-click toolbox. On Mac it STILL does not highlight the tool you are about to select, leading to wrong selections. Just wow. How can something so basic as this not be spotted and fixed before releasing?


That’s why I keep asking for public betas. There’s way too much obvious stuff slipping through and left as it is.


Voted Dissatisfied, sorry…

  1. Instrument tracks : the Audio fader still disappears when activating another item of the inspector, even when ‘pinned’ in the Inspector settings window. Seriously : this one alone is a workflow killer for me, as I constantly have to either, use the ctrl key with the mouse or open the MixConsole to see the involved fader. We are in 2021…
  2. I still have to activate the MixConsole to get any sound, at the beginning of nearly each and every Cubase session (see here for more details…). Contrarily to my last post in the thread, the issue isn’t actually solved.
  3. No Generic Remote improvement of any kind…
  4. Even if it seems that there has been a slight improvement in the windows management (not listed in the Realease notes - see here for more details), the Profile manager one still makes Cubase instantly lose focus and vanish when any modification is done in it : guess that I’ll have to check other ones known to have the same problem, but at least, it seems that the Studio setup window usage no longer triggers the issue. Beside this, the behavior of Cubase in Windows taskbar is still as jumpy and irritating as before : again, we are in 2021…

Not impressed, sincerely : I was expecting more, after three months of waiting…


Haven’t installed the update yet (downloading it now) but I have read the in the release notes that Eucon track visibility appears to be fixed. For this, I would like to say a massive THANK YOU to Steinberg. Eucon is a bit of a niche area so it’s easy to overlook it but for many of us, this is HUGE!


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Just a suggestion:

Cubase 11.5 should have a long public beta of at least 2 months, a dedicated focus only on stability, reliability, expected behaviour and maybe a bit of cleanup and UI consistency. The only NEW feature should be plugin sandboxing for improved crash security.

And it should be a free update for existing Cubase 11 users.

That is how I would handle it as a company, and how I would expect it as a customer from Steinberg. Companies like Presonus have managed to do massive and feature rich .5 releases for free, all I ask for is a DAW that works as intended with all its existing features.


Installed the Update, PLUG-IN Editor in front works the same as before. I remember in previous versions the Plugin window always stayed in the front, and the edit window stayed behind. Now it is not like that, because if you have the plugin open and you touch the edit window, it returns to the front. If you disable that feature in the preferences, IT DOES EXACTLY THE SAME! At least in my case. It was something I longed for 3 months ago …

Another thing, the keyboard command “TOGGLE A / B setting” does not work in the plugins, if with the mouse, but with the keyboard command, NO …

I’ll keep looking…

Thanks also for the effort, obviously … !!

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Matthias thank you for the update.

I have a request/question- with versions prior to 11 on Windows we always had an option to roll back an update in Windows Control panel which is now gone with v11.

Also the new download links in the Steinberg support area were changed (now they use sda) so you cant chnage the update version numbers in the link like we were able with the older ones to download previos update version. This is really helpful if something doesnt work with the current maintenance update. There is no way to get previous updates for v11.
Could this be fixed in some way.


Edit: Matthias and support will try to find a solution to this.


Thanks steinberg.Awesome update.Works perfectly on my High Sierra .

Without wanting to sound ungrateful, i dont see any of the constant issues ive had in the release notes.
It seems more things that should have worked before and didnt (shame on you) that have been fixed, rather than the unstable nature of the program.

Wonderful update! Great job, Steinberg!
M1 Mac user here and everything is working wonderfully. Everything is perfectly stable and I even see some efficiency/performance improvements (as would be expected with a now supported version)

Keep up the great work.


Is this update JUST for Mac users ?

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@Matthias_Quellmann hello,
Thank you very much for the update! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately the problems related to the HiDPI are almost unresolved, only stuttering effect is has been significantly reduced, but not completely.

All other problem with the grid appearance is still there. There was a problem within the Audio Editor, too, but still I didn’t check for it in this update.

Best regards,

A quick update to online Release Notes needed @Matthias_Quellmann

Under 'Miscellaneous’

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That’s what I’d guess, in most areas. Certainly most efforts were put into the M1 compatibility rather than fixing the main issues with the program. Since too many Apple people just purchased an unsupported system and then complained that their main application isn’t working on an incompatible system, Steinberg was forced to serve the Apples first. Guess a lot of good fixes were left behind as there was not enough staff to work on it. Putty thing

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Typical Mac, put every other company under pressure because the consumer is never happy unless they have the latest and greatest . Lucky it’s not me running Steinberg i would say "you’ll have to wait , it’s your fault for buying unsupported hardware "


This is my “made my day fix”:

In the Meter tab, +6 dB and +12 dB digital scales were removed.
It was broken in 10.5.x then even worse in 11 and then just now removed :smiley:

What else isn’t working as announce? Ok, got it, lets remove it!

My humor.