Only activate cpu overload check after project has loaded

Whenever a project load, it loads with the CPU overload indicator on, even if there is only 10% CPU load. I understand the cpu takes a big hit when loading synths etc, but there is no relevance in having that light on before the song has actually played. I have had to make it a habit to always click that indicator off after loading because I don’t like to see warning sings when there is nothing wrong.

It would be nice if checking for cpu overload only started when the song started playing

+1 minor, but current behavior annoying

+1… but maybe this should be considered a bug fix?

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Another suffering soul. This is something that drives me crazy, we now have Cubase 11 and it never got fixed.

The CPU overload indicator is alerting overloads directly after creating or loading a project.

Since it remains in this state unless manually reset by the user,
(which I now have done for years and it drives me seriously mad and makes me question the software quality, if even such an obvious, visible bug never gets fixed)
it can not properly warn when a real overload actually happens during playback.

This is broken since at least two major releases, I recall having it reported in the Cubase 9 era and it never got fixed. There is also another forum entry from that time:

Please make the indicator only check AFTER the project creation / loading has finished.

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I totally agree that’s it’s annoying but I’m not sure I agree with this part;

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I have purposefully created a new topic, since this old thread is marked as a feature request. This however is clearly a bug, therefore an issue and should be marked and communicated as such. Also, the old thread is a Cubase 9 thread, nobody will look at this. To make it very clear:

I want this bug fixed.

I have paid a pretty premium price for several Cubase versions and upgrades, and for at least two years now, I have to click the same indicator whenever I create an empty project. I am seriously pissed.

From what I can tell, there is no automatic reset, it would remain bright red all the time. If a real dropout occurs, it can not flash more red than it already is, you can not tell the difference between “it was red all the time” and “now there is an overload” - so? It does not fulfill its purpose. It is only working as intended, if the user keeps resetting it.

If you make my issue report disappear into an old Cubase 9 topic, please at least add Cubase 10 and 11 tags, as well as the issue tag.

understood - although it may not be a ‘bug’ and, as you point out, this is a feature request to change the behaviour - which I agree is a good idea.

Everybody has their own priorities for feature requests and bug fixing - and obviously this particular one has hit a nerve but I think it’s important to have a sense of perspective here.

You are aware you can vote for these feature requests ?

How can this not be a bug? Creating an empty project, not even touching a single thing or doing any action within the project sets this indicator into a permanent state of alert. IF the user would not be aware of that and manually reset it from alerting for no reason, it can not do its intended job. Because the user can not see when an actual overload would appear. This is not a behaviour, this is a broken functionality and only low on priority, because users can work around it easily. That said, I can understand that it is a lower priority, but it simply must not be as low as to survive two major software versions over the course of years and even that “big bug fixing update” for Cubase 10.5.

The thing is, this is not the only long lasting issue with the software, but it is so obvious and visible and shows how little priority bug fixing in general has for Cubase. And that is in itself a serious issue. Release deadlines and new features are prioritized, but that is no good when the new features rolled out are half baked and broken. People who make their income with this software, which is supposed to be a professional tool, simply can not afford to upgrade to a new release, as things get rolled out too early. This puts the “Pro” in question and is just a real shame.

Thank you for at least removing the Cubase-9 tag, by the way.

Let’s put it this way: Imagine you buy a fire detector for your home. You install it, and it instantly starts screaming, and it only stops when you push the button on it. And it starts alerting again every fresh, untouched new day. This is the equivalent in software form. This indicator is supposed to tell you when things go actually wrong. But it can’t, unless you make it shut up first.

I don’t agree that it’s 100% a bug - when you load a project I’m willing to bet that there is a CPU (ASIO) overload as it loads up VSTi/audio etc. Remember that you can have multiple projects open at the same time.

I do agree that it’s not useful behaviour though :slight_smile: and I’d like to see it changed.

Incidentally lots of analog (and digital!) gear gives a blip/overload on the meters when you power it up - Also irritating but I don’t lose sleep over it or say the metering is of no use.


There doesn’t even seem to be a Key Command to reset it - you have to mouse click.

Yeah, but it also does that when creating a completely empty project, where no plugins get loaded. Initializing an empty environment is wrongly being reported as a system overload.

The difference is, it is a blip and the meter doesn’t stay permanently alerted.

let’s agree to disagree on this :slight_smile: