Cubase 11.0.20 maintenance update

Regarding the overload indicator, I agree. It’s a known issue for years, and I have grown to ignore it. But I don’t know if it’s technically a bug. Too many process functions occur in the project loading process. What would help is a KC to reset the indicator once the project is loaded. Sometimes I manually reset it to enhance good vibes, but within minutes it’s lit again. For myself it has no use unless it happens with a audio drop-out, but then again, who needs a indicator for that?

Making the assumption that a plug continues to crash after 6 months of C11 being released is IMO a bad assumption. Have you contacted Cherry Audio to check their data base for any Cubase issues? Have you found forum posts of users of Cherry Audio with the same issues? If similar experiences aren’t found, what do you think this could possibly suggest even though it works in other DAWs?

Another idea is to temporarily save C11 preferences on your desktop. Then make sure any prior Cubase versions you have a license for, are re-named or hidden. It’s very important to isolate C11 only so it can’t suck prior Cubase data. Then trash preferences, and start Cubase which will re-build. Add the Cherry Audio plug. Do you get the same issues then?

Suggesting this isn’t your obligation or that we are all beta testers may indeed be true, but it won’t get your issue resolved.

Do you have earlier Cubase versions that worked as intended? If so, prior to purchasing C11, did you run the C11 demo with Cherry Audio?

I don’t consider myself a hero, but I’m pretty sure VST is simply a framework, and as you probably know, a lot can happen inside VST that is beyond the VST creators design regardless of VST2/3. I’m even guessing you know “Professional Audio Software” is a marketing tool?

Have you considered using what works better for you? Personally, I would place dozens of issues in front of the load indicator. And no one, except possibly Steinbergs code teams understands the financial cost of that fix. It may not be a simple fix. Maybe they should simply remove it from prior versions? Fixes are always about limited financial resources, and obtaining the best value for the greatest number of users.

That is unfortunately why I am so upset about it all. There literally is none.
I have used Propellerhead Reason for about 10 years exclusively, without any crash or issue by the way. It was beautiful. But they changed the software in ways I did not enjoy and I decided to leave Reason and find myself a new platform. A very exhausting and expensive phase of research, trial and error began for me that took me 4 years. I have pretty much tried them all, bought many because they all have their strong points and exciting features. But no DAW gave me the same fitting workflow, inspiration and reliability I had in those 10 years. Reason itself was unfortunately no longer an option. So after 4 years, I decided to settle for Cubase. The UI, the feature set, the workflow, it all finally clicks with me. And now, after several years of being unhappy with bugs and annoyances, noticing the pattern and realizing that nothing ever gets better… I am terribly frustrated that despite how perfectly Cubase itself would fit for me as a platform, the only thing that is badly wrong with it, is how it is being tested / released / supported. Being a rather expensive product, and seeing how much smaller companies do it a lot better, this just makes me angry and disappointed. A bit desperate even, knowing that I just don’t want any other DAW. I want Cubase, I just need it to be in a good, solid quality.

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I wonder if Cherry Audio tests their products in Steinbergs products (the authors of VST), you should ask them that. If their methodoly of development doesn’t include that step - I’d consider moving onto other developers.

As I’ve explained many other times, it’s possible Steinberg is enforcing requirements and protocols of the VST SDK that other DAWs have not, or other DAWs haven’t updated, etc, etc.

Some issues seem to be with GUI base, and OS, and graphics card/drivers.

But why are you posting your issue and crash here in a cloud of general complaints? no one is going to see it or be able to help you…

Can it? That’s an interesting take. So you think Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL, and Ian Kirkpatrick (Apple user) are the types of people who just randomly arbitrarily decided on which DAW to use?

99% of my posts here are giving critique, bug reports, and feature requests.

The only criticism that isn’t valid is the type that has this other universe expectation that Steinberg can just flip a switch and fix everything in a day, and that there is some conspiracy as to why they aren’t hitting that switch. That’s the only criticism I’ve criticized.

It is a very deep and complicated program, measurably so. Which is why people like Junkie XL (came from Logic) and Hans Zimmer use it, because that complexity can be utilized. You should read up on Hans Zimmers studio tech Mark Wherry - sure, Hans Zimmer could use an old weathered 4 track tascam and create something great because he is a creative person - but, realistically, other DAWs simply could not offer him what he has depended on which is a deeply customized DAW and workflow.

That doesn’t mean I won’t take the time to pick them apart if they needed to be, for the sake of everyone.

You - also - have to take self responsibility for obtaining this. For example, having 1000 plugins, isn’t responsible.

If you have tested on the other platforms then use them . there must be something with your system causing an issue because to say Cubase is completely broken is a bit of an overstatment considering there’s lots of us using Cubase 11.0.20 with only minor issues .

My pushback isn’t on reporting issues (which should be done in new separate threads) my pushback is on having an unrealistic expectation that Steinberg is somehow unique in having buggy releases, and that they are intentionally not fixing bugs which just, doesn’t make sense, unless you think they have some scheme to profit from selling updates to fix bugs which doesn’t make sense either, because they would profit more if they had no bugs and new releases only had new features. If Steinberg could instantly fix every bug, or fix every bug in a matter of weeks - they would.

So my pushback is against dehumanizing the great developers at Steinberg with baseless accusations and unknowledgeable assertions about the realities of software development.

wait huh? You made your comment, before I made my comment. You’re saying you replied to a post of mine that I never made, and now you’ve replied to that post? You replied to ‘beerpong’, “Respectfully this is not entirely the case. Ask those with legacy versions of repeatable bugs for e.g…”
And then I replied to you. " “Cubase has code that spans 5 or so OS versions… It’s amazing that it works as good as it does for how deep and complicated a program it is.”"

I think you need to slow down a bit mate.

Hans Zimmer isn’t a partner, just because they are successful user, doesn’t mean they are a partner mate. Steinberg isn’t paying Hans Zimmer to use Cubase.

Secondly, there are millions of users who aren’t complaining about bugs or issues.

There’s a difference between reporting an issue, and needlessly endlessly complaining and making blanket assertions to try and portray people working at a company and the company itself a certain way. You don’t seem to be able to grasp what my argument is, so I don’t expect you to be able to add it up.

Am I ignoring by participating? Doesn’t really make sense.

How about, get out of this thread and create an ‘Issue’ thread, if you have an issue, and if you are here just needlessly complaining… get back to work.

This respectfully does really not make total sense.

In a thread about a Cubase maintenance release you (single-handedly) are saying users should not post any issues here. Seriously, you said this?

(Even though what appears to be a Steinberg leader has responded to users here).

Further, no one has said Steinberg should fix every single bug in weeks!

Finally, dehumanizing developers!? Seriously @LoveGames? Commenting about bugs is a now a matter of human decency. So in this logic you raise, those paying users here, raising issues about a commercial product having bugs and reporting it is a personal dehumanizing and inappropriate accusations.


Respectfully, this is difficult to decipher. I will pass on this one.

It’s baffling why you would reference the millions of happy folks in a forum created in part for flagging issues and the like.

So, in your opinion, you mean as there are millions of us who are happy users there should be no place for the others here to raise a complaint? Again it’s mind-boggling to raise such a point. I personally wouldn’t try it we here or in any other Apple, Windows, Android or Logic forum for e.g.

Software is not usually perfectly executed, that’s part of the reason for forums like this, why they exist. Something everyone will have to get used to.

There you go again, stating untruths. Who @LoveGames is endlessly doing anything? I know you understand the meaning of endlessly, so you therefore also know that users posting issues here about their experience aren’t endlessly doing anything.

They’re just doing what the forum was made for.

To summarize, most probably won’t care about your push-back and slurs as it shows who you are. But note that everyone else’s comments have been mostly been polite and measured even if frustrated.

What is amazing is that you fail to realize Steinberg don’t need you.

They don’t need you running behind posters here to protect them as if they were fragile snowflakes. They really are not.

They are a strong and thriving innovative commercial company, 30+ years, and this is a public forum and no one - literally no one - is not going to raise comments because of your push back @LoveGames.

That’s all.


Of course not. They probably years and years ago decided to work with Cubase probably checking out the options and settled on it and adjusted their workflow to it or switched from something else…
What will HZ do if one day Cubase magically disappears from the earth? Not make music?No, he will pick another tool and adapt to its way.
If any of them had picked Digital Performer he would have built his workflow around that. Like Danny Elfman and many other successful composers.

John Powell and Ramin Djawadi both from HZ circle and work on Logic Pro despite working with him in an environment covered with Cubase. If anyone would think nothing except Cubase is suitable for complex setup film scoring, that would be these two guys as HZ is a big Cubase evangelist.

I agree Cubase has amazing features for scoring and complex setups and it is probably the best for many but that is half of it. It is mostly for workflow, convenience and habits and not the quality of work that is coming out. It helps the user to reach his/her goal the fastest way. For someone else this could be some other DAW and does not care a bit how thousand more features Cubase has.

For example if a DP user relies heavily on ‘chunks’ feature and it is the center of his/her workflow , it is really hard to convince to change to Cubase or Logic no matter what other amazing features they provide unless something goes wrong with DP.

Cubase might be ahead in some areas as other might have in some. So the difference is not like Cubase is the god and the rest are mere mortals.

Having 1000 plugins is not being irresponsible. Get Waves and UAD and you are close.
Being responsible is, maintaining those plugins, doing the chores and keeping them up to date and also do the work to pick up the sour ones and isolate them.


Oh my gosh, am I really going to waste more time on you?

Yes, don’t post issue reports and bug reports lost in an abundance of other posts. Does that really not make sense to you? You really believe users are more likely to receive help, and have their issues acknowledged in a derailed complain fest?

Who is being illogical here? I’m very confused.

This is an announcement thread mate, not a troubleshooting thread. There are forum guidlines on my side here, as well as the fact that Matthias has already parsed posts in this thread into new separate threads so that discussions can properly be had about each individual issue.

Go take a walk mate, it will do you good.

The funny thing is, I bet you do.


Why are you talking to me as if I never said “Hans Zimmer could use a 4-track tascam”?

Are you saying a DAW has no affect on the type of creative output a user has?

Never heard of them, my guess is, these guys are more traditional piano composers though.

I’m not really sure what we’re discussing though? I don’t give a fk about what random feature DP has. that doesn’t negate my argument that Cubase is significantly measurably deeper and more complex program than DP and Logic. Because it is. Wtf are you arguing against? None of those programs or any DAW, has Project Logical Editor. I win on that point alone.

You’re trying to negate my argument by using two single brand outliers? Fine, I’ll adjust my argument for you. Having 1000 plugins from 250 different developers is irresponsible.
Who the hell wants to maintain 1000 plugins, install 1000 plugins, update 1000 plugins, etc, regardless of single vender or not.

anyways not wasting my time bickering with two complainers derailing a thread, go do something.

You’ll notice I didn’t read past your first paragraph

Is this a game or something?


aye aye sir

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Well I thought I was dealing with children

I have already sent the crash report to the guys at Cherry Audio, as from what I can see in the report looks like it is most likely the plugin’s fault. So, the purpose of posting it here was not to get this specific crash fixed. What bothers me is that Cubase is the only DAW out of 13 I own, that does crash at all. And yes, during these 4 years of searching for a new platform, I acquired 13 DAWs and tested more. I know that I want to work with Cubase, but that it is also less stable than most other DAWs. And my “cloud of general complaints” is actually only one complaint,

I want Steinberg to take ANY issues with Cubase much more serious and stop dragging them from release to release unfixed, while leaving anything but the newest release behind.

Oh, and since I was posting an experience with this very latest update, imho it belongs here to be noted by the team. I want to make clear that Cubase 11 after 6 months in its life cycle and two bugfix releases is still not acceptable to me.

And to the guy blaming my system: Ableton Live 10, Logic Pro, Studio One 4, Bitwig 3, Reaper, Reason, Renoise, Waveform 11, Mixbus, Ardour and Zenbeats all work perfectly fine without crashing on me. Samplitude Pro X5 is on another system, because Windows only, so that one can’t “attest” my Mac being just fine.


I think we need a new category of logical fallacies: Argument from Zimmer.

They really does not need to test it with Steinberg products. In the VST-SDK there is a link to a test application VST3PluginTestHost. It is free, but not open source. Many vendors totally fail with this test tool so claiming that they are VST3 is just bogus. And since it is free I don’t think there are much excuses. (I don’t think there are a Linux version of the tool, but VST3 works with Linux, but there is no official tool to verify that.)

Further to the cpr issues reported above (by me), where the Cubase icon for cpr-files is missing in Windows Explorer, I can now confirm what others have reported: after uninstalling some older versions of Cubase (8.5 to 9.5, but keeping 10.0 and 10.5) the correct icon is again shown for cpr files.

So there seems to be an easy fix for this.


I will continue to say: ‘Repairs before New Features… Always !!’
They just don’t seem to understand how negatively this affects us!


Money talks. Do people understand what they buy? Do Steinberg understand what the customer thinks they they buy? (Do they care?)