Cubase 11.0.30 crashes when loading a project

Cubase doesnt work! When I turn it on, it leads me into the project pick, when I pick the project I want, he start to load it and crash is at once and turns off completely. Please, tell me whats going on, I need Cubase for work!!!

start it in safe mode with plugins disabled

Where can I find version 11.0.20 ?

Probably some 3rd party plug-ins.
Try disable 3rd party plug-ins in safe mode

Only 11.0.10 and 11 here. I guess that 20 will be posted as soon as they get round to it.

I am seeing 11.0.30 there

Scroll down to the bottom.

I tried everything … It doesn’t work

Let’s get this sorted!

@Darko_Cepic Could you please provide us with crash log and some more details on your system?

Is Cubase crashing on every project that you are trying to load? Is it crashing also when you try to create a new project?

We will upload the 11.0.20 installer to the download page on Monday, but I am almost sure that there is something else going on.

Hey, could you please upload the actual file? You can find it when you open “Console”. There is a tab called “Crash reports”. The right-click will let you reveal the file in the finder. Thanks!

Won’t they not work if they are disabled?