Cubase 11.0.30 delay compensation problems


I have huge problems when freezing tracks with higher latency plugins. For example in my current project two of my guitars have over 600ms delay caused by linear phase plugins and things like modern auto eqs in the chain. I thought Steinberg fixed it a long time ago, but they didn’t. Symptoms?

  1. Metronome is out of sync (Even though I have correct tempo, and transients are perfectly aligned to the gird)
  2. Tracks freeze with delay (and then are out of sync with the grid, and metronome too)
  3. Even if I render them using render in place (Track still are delayed)
  4. Plus when I render my stereo bus as a whole, first couple seconds of my song are cut off!
    I need to say this is very frustrating. Do I need to unninstall new fancy plugins to be able to mix normally? Even in FL Studio there aren’t problems like this lol.
  • To be honest I moved from cubase 9.5 to 11, but then I’ve got only delay problems, metronome was fine! In this aspect those +2 versions up didn’t fixed anything, and made it even worse.

Any thoughts? I will be soo thankfull.
Have a great day! Save me please :frowning:
It’s really hard to spent 8h mixing a day efficiently with such problems.
I think it’s much more frustating to end the whole mix and only find out, your 30+ tracks are out of sync with each other (even slightly)

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Turn on delay compensation?