Cubase 11.0.30 / Windows 10 / Nord Rack 2x: import device xml

Hello everyone,

Before keep scrolling warning: you may find super-mega silly what you’re going to ready, be ready 'cause I am 100% honest saying to be still learning the ABC of making music.

following to the below YR video I have a question for those who might already own a Nord Rack 2x synth (the one without keys FYI):

On this video at minute 1:06 the guy is showing his way to set up their MicroFreak as external synth to be later used as a standard VST bus channel. Fine, all clear.

Besides of one thing:
he’s talking of selecting he MIDI Device Manager, then either browse for your Synth in the list OR select to Import Setup, which is what he did.
Then, a pop window opens asking to locate and select a supported Steinberg XML file. He said this would help a Cubase user to use all the patches available in the Synth I suppose and that this specific file can be browsed directly on the music forums of the DAW producer or Synth maker.

So, here I am giving it a try on the DAW side before moving to the Synth support forum side.

Anyone got an idea how to retrieve such xml file for Nord Rack 2x?

PPS: I’ve attached a screenshot taken from my Cubase midi panel settings where a Nord Modular 2.0 is listed in the options but not entirely sure whether that’s supposed to have the right .xml info for the Nord Rack 2x synth I own.

Thanks in advanced to those super patients users who will be helping me out.



Unfortunately you have to write the XML file manually. It’s kind of copying the sound table from manual and write it in a specific format to the XML. It’s not difficult, but it’s time consuming.

If the sound set is the same for both instruments, then you can use it. Or you can use it as starting point, if the sound set is similar.