Cubase 11.0.40 and Melodyne 5 ARA display issue

I have the same issue with 11.0.40 and macOS Catalina 10.15.7. It is zoomed out. Hope they will address it soon. I’m thinking we might get one more update before 11.5.

EDIT: I went back and 11.0.10 centers the audio. In 11.0.40 it is zoomed out and not on the screen, however, I was able to get it to get back in the center. As someone said above, you can always use as a plug-in and it works that way. In Pro Tools you need to do the transfer too. It works that way.

Hi all,

We can confirm the issue and we will come up with a solution soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


i just downloaded version 11.0.30 and reinstall on top of 11.0.40 . (i did it on nuendo but probably its the same)

I was wondering what was going on. For a lot editing, this causes major extra clicking and zooming so I’m hoping a solution will be found soon!

I’m having this issue as well, and have a client coming in tomorrow. Guess I’ll have to go back to 11.0.30. Or hope the client can sing on pitch…

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Are we getting close to a resolution/fix on this issue? Thanks in advance.

I think not, judging by the speed of the response from steinberg (((

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Still wondering what progress on this issue is being made. Have another client today, and having to use standalone, and then import file back into Cubase is starting to get old. Reverting back to 11.0.30 hasn’t worked well for me, and I just don’t have the time right now to uninstall and reinstall. Some kind of response on this issue would be nice. Thank you in advance.


The fix is on the way. It’s a matter of days rather than weeks.


Thank you for letting us know. Looking forward to this update!

Thank you Matthias!

Thank you!

Matthias_Quellmann)) As you said (it’s a matter of days, not a week!) It’s going to the end of the week (((and where is the update?)))

Days fly by and no updates are seen)))

Patch 11.0.41 is available: Cubase 11.0.41 maintenance update released - #5 by Matthias_Quellmann

Can’t find it the the assistance tool either, but on the support page: Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

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Fix seems to be working here.

Всё работает в ARA Melodyne 5 хорошо! Спасибо за обновление!!!))))


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thanks for acknowledging the problem. unfortunately rolling back to earlier version of C11 stops VocAlign to work in ARA mode!
please fix soon!

PS: Melodyne 5 still works fine, just every new instance needs to be re-focused as described.
would be great to have a shortcut in Melodyne that does: zoom to selection or zoom all…

download and install cubase 11.0.41, the zoom issue with melodyne fixed

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