Cubase 11.0.40 Crash at startup [unsupported macOS 10.13]

All previous C11 Pro installers can be found here: Cubase Pro 11 Downloads | Steinberg

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Steinberg might have warned in advance that MacOs will no longer work with Cubase 11.0.40. This is not Upgrade 11.5 or 12 version.

thank you!

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System pre Mojave are not officially supported since a lot. This is stated in the sys requirements and was also stated when the 11.0.0 first came out last November.
Actual Sys Req: System Requirements for Steinberg Products | Steinberg

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yes, but until today C11 worked without problems on 10.13 MacOs, but today … Boom, Crash!



As unsupported system, Steinberg doesn’t test it. Therefore they don’t know (and cannot inform) it doesn’t work anymore.

Cubase 11 is not supported on macOS 10.13 since the very beginning, i.e. Cubase 11.0.0.

Thanks Martin,

I’ll stick to 11.0.30 for now.


After update cubase won’t launch
MacOS iMac
dyld (551.5)

Cubase 11_2021-09-23-101227_Pavel-iMac.crash (80.0 KB)
Cubase 11_2021-09-23-101228_Pavel-iMac.crash (84.7 KB)
Cubase 11_2021-09-23-101246_Pavel-iMac.crash (77.4 KB)
Cubase 11_2021-09-23-101246-1_Pavel-iMac.crash (79.9 KB)
Cubase 11_2021-09-23-101649_Pavel-iMac.crash (78.7 KB)


As mentioned above, you are running unsupported macOS 10.13. Please update to supported macOS 10.14.

Sorry, new to mac, how do I do that? The update center doesn’t give me any updates


Open App Store application and search for the “macOS Big Sur”, what is the latest macOS version, please.

Thank you very much, I’m on it

For Macs up to Mac Pro 2012,5, this also necessitates buying a new computer, to replace one that is already working just fine. Since 11.0.30 works on macOS 10.13, it is obvious that there is no particular reason why Cubase 11.0.40 shouldn’t too.

We shouldn’t have to keep buying a new computer just to run an incremental update of Cubase. It comes across as though Steinberg have Apple stocks they’re seeking to inflate the value of.

Not all musicians who use Music IT are wealthy enough to keep replacing gear that is already fit for purpose.


I agree that it is sad that not so old computers are not supported anymore on mac OS X and I am sure developers are sad too about this, but compared to Logic Pro, this is a long time support : latest LP 1.6.2 requires Catalina to start…

My guess is if you want to be competitive with other apple products you must use more modern API that is not supported on 10.13.

That said, Cubase works still great on 10.5, if you don’t really need the latest features.

If you have never downloaded Cubase 11.0.30 before than how do you get your license activation because I didn’t get an email with an activation code when I downloaded Cubase 11.0.30?

You DONT get an activation code when you download ANY version of Cubase. That is a separate issue and you should have gotten that from wherever you purchased it.

The E Licenser and activation of your license is a SEPARATE thing.

  1. Ask yourself where you BOUGHT C11 and check with them for your license code.
  2. Activate that license code in the e-licenser app
  3. Check the system requirements to make SURE your system will run C11
  4. Download and install C11 using the Steinberg Download Assistant

You are dead in the water WITHOUT that license code