Cubase 11.0.40 crashing

Also here crashing all the time. Even ctrl alt del is not working to shutdown Cubase only a restart of the computer will work. Just got a new pc. I did install 25% of the plugins which I had installed before and than this. Could it be Windows 11?

Cubase 11 crashes. I think it is realated to Kontakt as a window pop up saying “one or more Kontakt instances cannot be recalled correctly” and then just before the crash another window pops up with the error code = 0x8007000e

That error code looks like it’s for Windows Update, but in a couple instances it references issues with the graphics driver. If you haven’t already checked, make sure you’ve updated your graphics driver to the latest version.

I did update the graphic driver. It is very strange that when I open an empty project with no tracks everything works normal however when I try to open the project that I am working on, it crashes.
How is the graphic card/driver related to kontakt instaces and ram?

If you open other projects do you get the same problem? If not, it’s possible your project file got corrupted. In that case, you’d need to create a new project and try importing your existing tracks one by one and checking to see if any of them trigger the crash.

Not related to RAM, as far as I know, but everything uses the graphics driver and depending on what instructions a program or plugin invoke, that may or may not cause issues. Hopefully nVidia, AMD, or Intel catch these and release fixes in updated drivers, so it’s a good idea to keep drivers updated.

How do I import tracks one by one if I can’t open the project?

File > Import > Tracks from Project
That opens up the following dialog where you can select what you want to import from an existing project:

That assumes your file isn’t so corrupted that it can’t open in this import utility.

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Also, from (horrific) experience, save your tracks as new, as often as you can,
About a year ago I had Cubase corrupting a large number of Cubase project files, and as such refused to open any of them. There was nothing I could do, the files were unusable.

Still to this day I don’t know what happened, but I was in the middle of writing a film score, and calling this a nightmare, does not even begin to explain the situation.

Thankfully, I managed to somehow back track with back-up files, but one cue I had to re-write from scratch…

Save your self from this situation by using ‘Save New Version’.

This way you will have a list of versions of the music you work on, and if the latest file gets corrupted, it won’t be a huge deal.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you both for your help.

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Since plugins might also be the cause of the crashes here, this might be interesting for you as well. Would be nice if you could leave a vote there to support the FR:

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