Cubase 11.0.40 crashing

Now even deleting empty tracks causing Cubase to hang up? Seriously C11.0.4 is the most buggy Cubase I have ever had. Every single day it’s crashing or hanging up in random moments. I can’t even kill the process(es), it just stays there until restart.
Did Steinberg ditch their QA team?
I’m going back to 11.0.3 and I’m leaving beta testing to other ‘brave’ users.


I agree. Since the 040 update I have a lot more crashes /hangs than before, did not change anything in plugins or whatsoever. AFter one crash all of my pluginmanager-settings were gone ! Bummer!


Hey @battleangel @ca-booter,

Could you please sent us the crash reports and some context, when Cubase is crashing and what your system specs are?


I can’t send a crash report. 040 crashes while loading. I went back to 030. I should have followed my first instinct and not download 040.

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You’re kinda lucky. I can’t get pass the loading screen. I get a crash while it’s loading. I’m glad I have back-ups. I just went back to 11.0.3 like you did. It took me a while to get 0.30 relatively stable with fewer crashes. I think I’d better leave things alone…
If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

What’s your operating system? And have you tried to start Cubase in safe start mode without 3rd party plug-ins?

Ok so in my situation, everything is alright when I’m on AMD Performance (Power) Profile (edited to stop shutting down USB and drives). When I’m on the standard Balanced profile, Cubase is crashing on any random opportunity. When I’m working on apps which doesn’t require high performance, I’m switching to Balanced and sometimes I’m forgetting to switch back.

I’m on the latest Win10. Ryzen 3900x, 32GB 3600 RAM. Asus ROG STRIX X570-E MB, OS and Cubase on NVME.

Tbh crashes occur randomly so there’s no real reproduction rate. Creating a ticket for something like that seems like a waste of QA time.

Btw I just checked and there are only a few crash dumps, way less than the number of crashes I had in the last several days.

What I have had on a regular basis, for a long time, also in 11.0.40 Pro:
One day a project opens fine in CB. Next day: crash on launch. Crash log points at a random 3rd party VST plug in. This plug in is exactly the same as yesterday, nothing has changed.

This crash on launch can often be fixed by launching CB, opening a new empty project, then opening the project that crashes. Now it loads fine.

I am on MacOS, first Mojave, now Big Sur.

What’s with this?

Good morning and thanks for the attention. Unexpected.
Right now my OS is High Sierra.
When I first installed 11.0 I had tons of crashes.
I then updated to Catalina and things got worse.
My system and operations with 10.5 was flawless.
I updated to 11.0 and the issues started.
I did start Cubase in safe start mode after I went back to High Sierra. It still crashes. However I have discovered that if I render all midi to audio in my workflow, I have far less issues.
More audio and less midi instruments equals success.
Sorry for the long email.
I’m quite sure you’ve heard these issues before.
Thanks for your support.
I still love Cubase.

High Sierra is not officially supported. The minimum is Mojave.
So probably when you first installed Cubase on High Sierra Cubase preferences or some other things got messed up and upgrading to Catalina did not help either.

I would uninstall Cubase and delete its preferences and everything and later first install at least Mojave and then a fresh Cubase again.

I use Cubase 11 with Catalina and have no serious issues.

Unfortunately this is a Steinberg recurring pattern with new releases - I had exactly the same crashes when moving from 9.5 to 10. I’m now on 10.5 and definitely won’t upgrade for now. Steinberg appears to be rushing releases out of the door with minimal testing, leaving it to users to find their bugs.
Nope, not doing it.

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Okay. Thanks for the info.
I will proceed with caution. Lol.

I also noticed that 11.0.4 was crashing, however only at first and now it seems as stable as 11.0.3 - I’ve done some pretty intense stuff with it and had no problem. Having said that I also rebuilt my prefs from scratch and that might have done the trick.

Same problem here, new 04 version, fix please. crashes occur randomly
Lenovo I7 32gb

It’s interesting you say that because there are certain updates that bring back problems and others that fix an issue but then it comes back after another update.
It’s a cycle of frustration and I can’t blame anyone for passing on updates when their rig is stable.

It’s like the TIK TOK effect. I updated and all is relatively well (tik).
Next update an issue reoccurs out of nowhere (tok)

Public Beta for maintanance updates would save a lot of trouble. ( Installed side by side with the release version)
As we saw in the other thread about Melodyne issue, bugs like that big could get unnoticed when the closed beta testers are busy beta testing it and the upcoming big version.
Best of it it is a free service :slight_smile:

It’s crashing in every mode

11.0.40 is crashing a lot. 11.0.30 was a lot more stable…at least for me…

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Yes,back to 10.03 and everything was fine again

Nah for me 0.30 is now crashing very often too. I think it’s happening while I’m playing VSTi (Kontakt or Best Service Engine) and Cubase is auto-saving. My theory is based on the time of previous backup files. If I only could afford clean OS install I would do it.
EDIT: my theory is confirmed: after turning off auto-backup, no more crashes (so far!).

@ozinga these days every software release is a public beta. The only difference is that some companies call it by the name and another call it ‘official release’. A wonderful time to be dependant on software.

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