Cubase 11.0.41 freezes when tracks are zoomed in


Today I was editing a big live recording. I wanted tocalculate the track’s delay and when I zoom in and CLICK ON AN EVENT (this is what causes the freeze) so I can go sample-precision, I noticed cubase was freezing. I tested and it only happens when I am at very large zoom, and this “freezing” is proportional to the zoom, so with medium zoom, there is a tiny lag, and without zoom, the project works perfectly.

It’s not driver, or buffer related, as I don’t encounter any relationship (the buffer is set on large, btw).
Also, is not power-related, as i have a pretty high end machine.

I noticed also that when I click on the event and cubase freezes, there is a spike on (only) one of my CPU cores. in the video it’s around 90% usage, but in other test it was 100%.

the video:

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve had this exact problem for a long, long time over multiple updates. Contacted tech support about it with no resolution.

For me, this happens ONLY when double clicking an audio part to zoom-in on an audio event. It happens when crossing a zoom threshold. A “red-line” appears at the bottom of the zoom window and Cubase totally freezes. Every time.

The work around for me is not to zoom in on an audio event within a part, but, rather, to #1) enlarge an audio track(s) on the arrange page #2) zoom in on an audio event in the arrange window. No freeze. Never.

This kind of thing might get fixed sooner if you write a bug reports as described here: How to report a bug in Cubase

This is the EXACT problem and for now, the EXACT workaround (edit in the arrangement window and NOT inside the Events to Part window.

For me, in Task Manager > Performance tab > GPU > 3D: it is stuck at 99% until I “end task” with Cubase.

I was told a few years ago by tech support Cubase that it was a nVidia driver issue with Cubase 9.5. Told me to roll back to using 9.0 and the problem went away. Now on Cubase 11.0.41 the problem was back. I took the opportunity to upgrade my GPU to an AMD Radeon… but with no luck, the problem still persists.

Really this gets fixed…