Cubase 11.0.41 freezes when tracks are zoomed in


Today I was editing a big live recording. I wanted tocalculate the track’s delay and when I zoom in and CLICK ON AN EVENT (this is what causes the freeze) so I can go sample-precision, I noticed cubase was freezing. I tested and it only happens when I am at very large zoom, and this “freezing” is proportional to the zoom, so with medium zoom, there is a tiny lag, and without zoom, the project works perfectly.

It’s not driver, or buffer related, as I don’t encounter any relationship (the buffer is set on large, btw).
Also, is not power-related, as i have a pretty high end machine.

I noticed also that when I click on the event and cubase freezes, there is a spike on (only) one of my CPU cores. in the video it’s around 90% usage, but in other test it was 100%.

the video:

Thanks in advance for any help!

I’ve had this exact problem for a long, long time over multiple updates. Contacted tech support about it with no resolution.

For me, this happens ONLY when double clicking an audio part to zoom-in on an audio event. It happens when crossing a zoom threshold. A “red-line” appears at the bottom of the zoom window and Cubase totally freezes. Every time.

The work around for me is not to zoom in on an audio event within a part, but, rather, to #1) enlarge an audio track(s) on the arrange page #2) zoom in on an audio event in the arrange window. No freeze. Never.

This kind of thing might get fixed sooner if you write a bug reports as described here: How to report a bug in Cubase