Cubase 11.030 (latest) - Could not connect POS

Hello everyone,
I am turning my fading hopes to the official Steinberg forums at this point as I’ve tried everything I can think of at this point to remedy the issue. Uninstalled and re-installed Cubase, including older versions. Same for the e-licenser software, but no matter what I do, Cubase refuses to open, simply given the error “Could not connect POS” from time to time.
It was running fine just yesterday but today, I cannot seem to fix this and am at my wit’s end.
Any tips and guidance is greatly appreciated.
Cubase error

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Don’t know, but it looks like there might be some answers here

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Cheers. Going through them now…

Sadly, none of them fixed it for me and the issue still persists

When I’ve seen this message, the “fix” (workaround really) has been to temporarily remove the eLicenser dongle, then plug it back in and try again. It seems to happen periodically – I’d guess on the order of once a month on average. A pain in the butt, too, as it is hard to get at the USB ports on the back of my mid-tower computer.

When it has been in this state, eLicenser software also wasn’t finding the dongle at all.



Thanks Rick, I’ll keep this in mind.

In my case, running a thorough registry cleanup seems to have fixed it just now. Fingers crossed it stays that way!

In the process, I did also uninstall the elicenser, Cubase and removed the dongle, just to be safe. So one of these steps fixed it I suppose.

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I never tried reinstalling Cubase or doing a registry cleanup, but I had tried reinstalling the eLicenser software prior to coming upon the removing/replacing the dongle solution. One symptom I saw in eLicenser’s software was that it didn’t show the hardware dongle stuff at all, which is what gave me the idea to try removing the dongle and putting it back in. (I was afraid the dongle had died as it is a pretty old one – from Arturia V System 2 or something like that.) But doing that unplugging/re-plugging made the difference (I think I’d even tried rebooting prior to that) that first time, and it has done it every time since (I haven’t even tried any other possibilities).


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Thanks!!! This did the trick for me. Fingers crossed it doesn’t become a reoccurring issue.

VPN switch it off. Seems to solve my issue. I’m using Bit Defender VPN. Even with white listing Cubase Ai, the url for Steinberg and ELicensor. It won’t launch Cubase unless VPN is disabled. *Note : I am using software licensor.

Cannot connect to POS is a hint that connection cannot be established it’s also a 32bit.exe process which they need to update to 64bit.exe for security reasons.