Cubase 11 (and 10) inspector window contents disappear for selected track

Ive had this problem on and off from cubase pro 10 and now into cubase pro 11. I select a track, the inspector window contents become visible. After a few seconds, the inspector window contents go blank. Select the same track again, the inspector window contents show, then after a few seconds they disappear. This goes on and on and on. It happens randomly for no reason I can fathom. Ive created a support ticket with Steinberg, they suggest doing a ‘standard’ video card driver install, reinstall/repair the C++ runtime, reinstall/repair the latest .net framework. All of which Ive done multiple times but it makes no difference. Ive had a relatively long period of time now where it hasn’t happened (a few weeks) but now its randomly started doing it again. I really think Steinberg have dropped the ball with cubase code development since version 10, its full of bugs which have continued into version 11 (Pro, Windows 10, 64 bit). Their support is a joke, they either don’t answer (several other support tickets for different issues) or they take weeks to recycle the same old “suggestions”. Has anyone else experienced these issues ? Is there a fix ? I’m seriously wondering if Steinberg are serious about Cubase development anymore, how can it be acceptable to release something so full of bugs and give non existent support ??

Which GPU? There were issues with some drivers… some work, some not on both AMD and Nvidia

I Have NVidia. Just started up cubase in safe mode, set program settings back to default and the issue seems to have gone away. I haven’t actually made any changes to these myself so I have no idea what’s going on here