Cubase 11 and Amplitude

I use Cubase 11 and recently purchased Amplitude 5 Max and am having trouble getting the two of them to play well together.

Cubase 11 works perfectly fine for me. I can have more than a dozen tracks active, each with 3-8 plug ins active, and have never had a drop-out.

Amplitude 5 as a stand-alone also works fine for me.

Amplitude 5 as a VST within Cubase has not gone so well as the Average Audio Processing Load spikes often. I can record one track with only Amplitude active perfectly fine; once I attempt to record a second track also with Amplitude active, AAPL hovers around 33% and begins pegging.

I have a new Dell Windows 10 PC: i5 processor, 8mb RAM, clean Windows 10 install (no anti virus, etc.), Focusrite Clarett 2pre USB, 441000 and buffers set to 128.

Again, Cubase 11 with all sorts of plug-ins fine, Amplitude stand-alone also fine, just two tracks with Amplitude within Cubase and things go very poorly. Thoughts on this? Thanks.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

IK Amplitube (and other IK plug-ins) are known for heavy CPU usage. Sorry…