Cubase 11 backward compatibility with Nuendo 4

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simple question , I din’t found info on this : Could I open Nuendo 4 projects with Cubase 11 ?

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Hi and welcome,

You can open Nuendo projects in Cubase Pro only. The matrix of projects compatibility is not maintained and public anymore, but the project format didn’t change since Nuendo has been introduced. So you should be (I haven’t tried) able to open Nuendo 4 projects in Cubase Pro 11.

Btw, you can download Cubase 11 Pro Trial and try it by yourself.

Hi Martin , thanks for the quick reply .

I guess I will try the C11 pro demo , if so I will post the compatibility result.


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after test , there is a backward and upward compatibility between Cubase 11 and Cubase 7 !

both are pro versions.

Has anyone tried opening old Nuendo version 3 files with the new Nuendo version 11? I just ordered a new machine and upgraded, I have hundreds of projects from the last decade archived for clients and myself.


The file format (*.npr) is still the same. If you were using 64-bit version, it should work. It could be a problem with the plug-ins, they might not be compatible anymore.