Cubase 11 blacklisted Kontakt 5

Hello everyone, I work with mac osx 10.15.7.

In cubase 10 I don’t have this problem. Cubase 11 send kontakt 5 to locked list. I tried to reactivated the plugin from the locked list, but them cubase closed, without any message.

I have uninstalled kontakt and reinstalled. Nothing.

Any ideas?

Thanks to all.

I had to rescan for all my Native stuff, for some reason…but is all back now. Though my Kontakt is 6…

Kontakt / Komplete Control regularly got (in Cubase 10 / 10.5) blacklisted after they update, I have to re-activate them. They seem to time out.

Don’t get me started on Polysix though…

I have the same problem(Big Sur, kontakt 6, cubase11) Did you fix it?