Cubase 11 BUG: Cannot remove Extension (SpectralLayers, could be with others the same)

Audio event used with Extension (SpectralLayers One). With SL unmixed vocals and added the new 2 tracks to the project. Then go to the original audio event and try to remove SpectralLayers. Does not work by using “Remove Extension”. Everytime you highlight the audio event it still shows SpectralLayers in the Editor instead of the normal sample.

Workaround: select the audio event with the Extension still active and go to the InfoLine > Extension (which shows SpectralLayers) and open the pull down menu and select “-”
Afterwards the audio event will be without SpectralLayers extension


How exactly do you do this, please?

This is the way, how to remove the ARA extension.

Hi Martin, I will look for the details when I am back at my Studio PC. It was also shown (how it didn’t
work as expected) in the last Hangout with Greg Ondo. Basically there is a button “Remove Extension” in the lower section. But I will come back with the details.
Using the InfoLine cannot be the only valid method imho, because the InfoLine is - as it states - an informative tool, hence everything it gives access to should be reachable also by other (even easier) ways.