Cubase 11 - Bug on user interface

Not sure how to report very minor bugs on Cubase, but here is one :
When you pass your mouse over the “move forward” or “move backward” buttons in the transport palette, you get a note (yellow rectangle) which has nothing to do. The note is “Show extended Transport controls (click or drag)” and is actually the one over the 3 dots of that transport controls box.
Happens in English and French user interface, at least

Does this correspond to what you are seeing?

Thanks for your quick reply ! What you showed is what I would have expected, but I have something different (my version is Cubase Elements, version 11.0.40 build 446) :

Another bug, this time on the French user interface only (english is OK). Menu Edit / Range / Cut time is badly translated into “Alla Breve” !!??

It’s nice of you to report bugs, but please, do it like this:

How to format a bug report