Cubase 11 bug: pressing "ctrl" will unselect a midi note

Still, it seems the bug was replaced with another problem. Now when pressing ctrl fast before selecting a midi note makes the note stuck. I can not move the note when ctrl is pressed down.

Can’t reproduce it here. :thinking:
Win 10, Cubase Pro 11.0.20


This is the Constrain Direction thing, isn’t it?

See Preferences > Editin > Tool Modifiers > Drag & Drop > Constrain Direction

When I try to reproduce it (ctrl and clicking on a note) sth weird happens: the curser and the midi note jump slightly out of the grid, like for a few milli seconds you can only see this when zooming in…
I use Win 10, Cubase Pro 11.0.20.
Anybody the same problem?

Yes, constrain direction is not working when ctrl is pressed immediately after the midi note is selected.

  • select a midi note with mouse
  • press ctrl in less than 1 sec
  • midi note can not be moved in any direction
  • if I wait with pressing ctrl more than 1 sec then constrain direction works fine and midi note can be moved.

The issue is very similar to that before (with midi note being deselected when ctrl was pressed fast after midi note was selected.)

Cubase Pro 11.0.20
win 10 (version 20H2)

Its completely normal practice that new introduced feature brake some essential workflow routine that has been present for decade. If you are alone or in minority with that workflow you basically cannot do anything about it. And it can take years to get fixed/improved to some degree where you used to.
From 10.5 I stopped blindly buying updates and camping with version that I am feeling most comfortable without workflow and other essential stuff gets screwed.
That being said i wont move from 10.5 till this bug gets resolved completely.


I can reproduce it, now. It’s Windows only and it’s related to the issue “Alt + drag doesn’t copy the MIDI Note”. This happens if you first click and then press Ctrl while Cubase is waiting for the double-click. So waiting with the Ctrl modifier a bit, solves the issue.

Reported to Steinberg.

Yes, it seems logical that cubase is waiting for double click, but waiting after this really slows down my workflow. It wasn’t so in cubase 10.

Reminding myself to deliberately wait after clicking a midi note is not yet in my relfexes :slight_smile:

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