Cubase 11 : Bug with Vst popup menu (Jamstix)?

Hi, i use Rayzoon Jamstix 4. To select a drumkit a popup menu opens. But i can’t click to the functions or navigate to the kit with my mouse. Is it a bug or i missing something ?
With cubase 10.5 i have no problem.

Win10, Surface pro 7, cubase 11/11.0.10

Hi and welcome,

Do you use HiDPI screen? Is the plug-in HiDPI compatible?

Hello, i presume the screen of Surface pro 7 is hi dpi.
Resolution : 2736x1824 (267 PPI).
This problem is only with cubase 11, and not with v10.5, or others Daws;


Yes, this is HiDPI. Cubase 11 is the 1st version with the full HiDPI support on Windows. Does the plug-in support HiDPI?

Hi @Fabcool thanks for your post.
Have you tried the following option? Cubase 11: Using DPI-unaware plug-ins on Windows – Steinberg Support