Cubase 11: Can’t Rename MixConsole Snapshots

In Cubase 11, double-click to rename MixConsole snapshots does not work.

Using Surface Pen, not mouse.

Cubase 11.0.0
Windows 10
Microsoft Surface Pro

with the mouse, double-click renaming seems to work for me for Cubase Pro 11 on Win10 (1909).

Totally wild guess, not ever having worked with a Surface Pen, but is there an application specific double-click preference for the Surface Pen that can or needs to be set? I’m theorizing, because Cubase 11 is a separate app (not an in-place upgrade) from prior versions, so no application specific customizations for an input device would carry over between major Cubase versions.

I just verified that it works when I use a mouse, but not when I double-click with the pen. This is a bug that should be fixed.

Or maybe they should allow an additional action like right-click.

I’m not necessarily disagreeing with your sentiments about right-click,

In the meantime :
Have you experimented with the Windows settings for double-click speed? If you can’t find it in the pen settings, maybe the pen inherits the Mouse settings?

You may have to go into “Additional mouse options” to see the control panel for mouse double-click speed.

The thing is, I can double-click with the pen on many other things in Cubase, and they all work fine. So it may not be a timing issue.

Although now that I think of it, your suggestion is worth a try. I will check it out tomorrow.


There are definitely some UI oddities sprinkled around the Cubase code!

I just checked, and my double-click speed is already set to slowest. So there’s nothing to experiment with on that score.

Speaking as a retired software engineer, I think it’s likely that the code for the Snapshot Pane is watching for a low-level user interface event that’s only triggered by the mouse instead of a higher-level event that would be triggered by any pointing device, including the Surface Pen.

Hopefully, someone from Steinberg is listening.

Thanks for closing the loop! I wouldn’t be surprised of there are (still) several underlying UI frameworks in the Cubase code base.

And yes, hopefully someone who matters at Steinberg is taking notes, since touch UI is a natural future for at least significant parts of an ideal DAW.

In that context I’m glad they are developing Cubasis, since working on that hopefully translates to future UI competence in Cubase, too.

p.s. Sounds like we have more than just making music in common. – Best holiday wishes!

Someone else whose interests include music and computers?

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