Cubase 11 - Competitive crossgrade.

Dear all,

I wanna buy Cubase 11 Pro, choosing for the competitive crossgrade option in the Steinberg Shop.
I saw that you can “trade in” Logic Pro, so i wanna do that ( i am a legal owner of Logic 10.6)

But anyone knows how this exactly works ?
I bought Logic so long ago, i am not sure if i still have proof of purchase in my mail, i have to still look for that.
Logic is however available in my App Store from Apple.


Well, to see for myself, i went to Steinberg webshop and put the Cubase Pro 11 competitive upgrade in My Steinberg shop basket.
On the payment page, you have the ability to upload a document containing proof of purchase of one of the eligible DAW’s.
But here’s the strange thing, you then can only choose for buying Cubase Pro 10 or a lower Cubase version, not for Cubase Pro 11.

BTW: I wonder how long it takes for Steinberg to process a competitive upgrade buy, cause i assume they would have to check the DAW’s proof of purchase manually… (?)

Crossgrade info:

I tried that, it showed Cubase 11.

It doesn’t matter what it shows though, you will get Cubase 11 for sure (you will even get the Cubase 11 license when activating a Cubase license bought preceeding the C11 launch, i.e. 10.5 or earlier. You’ll get the license for the latest version at activation time, no matter when you bought it. That’s how it works).

Yes, that must be a manual process. I don’t know how long that takes, but I assume that’s a prioritized task.

Great info, thank you !