Cubase 11 constant crash on load up - solved - rogue vst

After having no issues with cubase 11, I am now experiencing constant crashes and can no longer open the project I’ve been working on for weeks.

I have narrowed it down as best as I can, by spending hours checking every plugin, after disabling them all and using fresh preferences.

I seem to have narrowed it down to Kontakt. What’s strange though is that there is no kontakt vst used in the project, only komplete Kontrol. Yet the project won’t load unless I remove this plugin from the vst folder before start up.

I deleted the cubase application, and reinstalled the 11 update. Trashed the preferences, and reinstalled kontakt, but still crashing.

What’s weird is I’ve never had any issues with kontakt like this before.

I thought it might be a rogue new plugin as i have bought several recently, so I am surprised it ended up being kontakt.

The other weird thing is that crash report logs aren’t generated anymore, so it’s even harder to figure out what is going on.

I am now at a loss for what else to try, and what could be the issue?


Could you attach the *.crash/dmp file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder or Crash Reports in macOS 10.15 (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Hi Martin

File attached - it mentioned Signal (Output) I think, so I reinstalled that again, but still crashing.
vst2xscanner_2020-11-30-220551_C-2.crash (98.7 KB)

After many more hours, I’ve now narrowed it down to the BBC Symphonic orchestra vst - getting rid of this gets everything back to normal.


Interesting, in the *.crash file, it’s Guitar Rig 5 in fact:

Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
0   libsystem_platform.dylib      	0x00007fff69c0894d _platform_memmove$VARIANT$Haswell + 77
1   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114bd02a3 c4_Column::FetchBytes(int, int, c4_Bytes&, bool) + 115
2   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114bd800a c4_Handler::GetBytes(int, c4_Bytes&, bool) + 26
3   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114be146d c4_Sequence::Get(int, int, c4_Bytes&) + 61
4   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114be01c4 c4_View::Find(c4_RowRef const&, int) const + 340
5   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114bb41bf NI::DB::Store::getPropertyKeyIndex(NI::DB::Category const&, NI::GP::String const&) + 159
6   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114bb3ff2 NI::DB::Property::Key::Key(NI::GP::String const&) + 754
7   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114a77c16 NI::PM::MGR::GR4BrowserManager::restoreGR3BanksInDatabase() + 54
8   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114a77bce NI::PM::MGR::GR4BrowserManager::onDatabaseSet() + 14
9   Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x00000001146aebaf NI::RIG::AUDIO::GuitarRigAudioClass::init() + 159
10  Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114e96baf NI::AB::InterfaceBase::init() + 31
11  Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x00000001146c3d6e non-virtual thunk to NI::AB::InterfaceVST::init() + 14
12  Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x000000011466acca NI::VST2::App<NI::NGL::App, NI::RIG::AUDIO::GuitarRigAudioClass, GuitarRigPlugIn>::onEvent(unsigned int, NI::UIA::EventData*) + 138
13  Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x00000001146653c5 NI::RIG::APP::GuitarRigAppGR::onEvent(unsigned int, NI::UIA::EventData*) + 53
14  Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114f3e0db NI::UIA::Application::onWndEvent(unsigned int, NI::UIA::EventData*, NI::UIA::Application::WndEventExtra const&) + 75
15  Guitar Rig 5.FX.vst           	0x0000000114f3e042 NI::UIA::Application::sendEve

have same crash sequence on guitar rig 6 in cubase 11
no fix?