Cubase 11 crashed after Windows 10 Bigger Update

Hello together,

since an bigger Windows 10 Update which I performed yesterday Cubase 11 is not starting up anymore, means it will crash during the splashscreen when the “Chord_Pads” are try to load and then simply the splashscreen disappears and nothing happens.
Please find attached a dump file from this error.

Cubase 64bit 2021.7.11 (652.6 KB)

I have a multi-monitor setup with an NVidia-4-HMDI-Port graphics gard equipped on my mainboard.

The CPU is a AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Does anybody has the same error and found already a solution?

Kind Regards

Hello again.

In the meantime I was able to resolve the issue by deinstalling A-Volute SW → SonicStudio which was probably part of some mainboard driver package. I don’t know why the Windows 10 Update influenced this package, because I had installed the new mainboard drivers on 17th of June and had until yesterday no problems with it.

Kind Regards

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