Cubase 11 crashes when try to print or export a score in score editor

Hi, when I try to edit the display duration of a note by the overlay editor and the I try to print or export the score, Cubase crashes,
I’ve tryed to print or export a score without display duration editor and it works well.
Operative system: Mac OS 10.14.6

The operations to reproduce the bug are:

  1. open an empty project
  2. create a MIDI track
  3. record or write some MDI events
  4. in score editor, change the DISPLAY duration value (don’t touch the MIDI value)
  5. try to print or export the score.

Please help me bocause this function is very important to me!


EDIT: I’ve just found the cause of the problem and a possible workaround! The crash happen when exporting or printing the file with the note editor overlay opened!

Closing the overlay editor the print and export of the score works fine!

Steinberg you only have to force the closing of the editors when printing or exporting scores! :wink:
Hooray! :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Sorry, I couldn’t confirm.
Here it looks perfectly OK, even with the dialog open, as you can see from the attached files. No crash!

dispOv.pdf (418.7 KB) (645.1 KB)

I confirm your issue on a Mac with an official unsupported os (HighSierra). Maybe can be this the problem?

Actually I tested on Win10 Pro :wink:

Hi guys!

Thaks for the replies!

@Alberto_Maria I see you are on Win…As I wrote, my operaive system is MacOsX 10.14.06,
@Tomateck this system is supported for Cubase11.

For now, I’m happy with my workaround :slight_smile:
For the future, maybe Steinberg could test and fix in next releases! :wink:

For sure Steinberg will fix it! :smiley:

if you refer to HighSierra it is unsupported os, but it seems to work generally fine.
I’ll try on my studio Mac with Big Sur installed



I can reproduce it on macOS 10.15 too. Reported to Steinberg.

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I’m on Mojave!
Thanks :slight_smile: