Cubase 11 Customer Feedback Survey

Hi all,

With the release of Cubase 11 we also renewed the customer feedback survey. Please let us know how you like Cubase and what you would like us to improve. The survey just takes about 5 minutes to complete. You input is highly appreciated.

Here is the link:
Customer Feedback Survey

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In Steinberg Hub “remove from list” doesn’t work.


Survey completely the day it was released , great stuff , still very happy with this 11.0 release


I said it in the survey but I’ll say it here too hoping someone will read it. The thing I’m most dissatisfied with is customer support. It’s really hard to reach support and get meaningful answers to questions and suggestions. Very disappointing for a product I paid a lot for.


The video below is showing very well what needs to be improved

Rearranging tracks in mix console.
Multi tracks freezing.
Zooming vertically with Ctrl and mouse wheel.
Drag and drop tracks archives from media bay.
Presets with everything,routing ,buses,inserts ,sends,folders.
Recall mix snapshots with automation.
Cycle Follows object selection,it will be nice when we click on object cycle automatically loops that object,without pressing P shortcut.
Parameterized macros.
Adding check box “Don`t show again” for operation like bounce in place,which will remove clicking every time Replace button.
Consistent GUI,for all windows.
Possibilities to use Cubase samples in different drums samplers ,like in Baterry 4 , this is ridiculous that we are forced to use Cubase samples only with Groove Agent SE.
Make Grove Agent SE working as a standard VST plugins.I really loved that plugins ,and it will be nice to have possibilities to use them with different DAW.
It will be also nice to have ability to work with inserts and sends like in Studio One(Yes i mention your competition :smiley: here ) ,drag and drop from MediaBay. We already have left zone in mixer ,so this
is achievable.Select tracks with shift and drop effects,possibility to tweak sends without “going” to bus.
Shortcut for putting insert and sends,keystroke which will open search window with all effects.


I filled out the survey but am begging for Steinberg to add Houston to the list of supported devices in C11! It was just in 10.5!

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Hi Matthias,
What’s the purpose of these surveys since no one from the team behind Cubase doesn’t care of them?!
Cubase 11 showed one more time to it’s customers that the team don’t listen what we really need.
Probably the team should learn some lessons from the guys behind Dorico, because they really know how to communicate with the users / Daniel, Ulf, Paul and Lillie are everyday on the forum discussing with the people/ and how to balance between our needs and their own plans for the software. This doesn’t happen with the team behind Cubase, which is really terrible…
Almost nothing of the most important and wanted things was improved, or added to Cubase 11…
I hope this unkind behavior towards the customers is going to be changed! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


It’s weird how they’re more interested in what you like in the new version than what we wanted in it. :angry:


Hi Thurisaz,

I guess it’s always a matter of perspective with statements like “they don’t listen to what we really need”. The forum is a very important feedback channel for us and so are surveys. But both are parts of a bigger picture. We talk a lot directly to professional composers and producers as well. The Cubase user base covers a wide range of different user groups, music genres and requirements from beginners to industry professionals. With every version we are aiming for a good balance between different customer groups and our product strategy. I hope that you can see our direction in the last versions of Cubase. We invested a lot in improving the overall usability, consistency and professional workflows. Many long term feature requests have been answered in the last versions. We also provided new tools to support creativity and to inspire with every version and those feature are also appreciated by specific user groups.

You feedback is highly appreciated. If Cubase does not fulfil your expectations, please let us know what you would like to see in the next version by posting your requests with feature request tag or add your comments, likes and votes to already existing posts.



The Feedback Survey link is dead for me, it says the site can’t be reached. Tried it in Chrome and Edge browser, both same error.

My feedback is that it would be great if Steinberg reintroduced the ability to move the Pro/Post position on the mixer for all selected channels at once using ALT + SHIFT. It was removed in 10.5.

Why did they remove that feature in the first place?

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I want to change the order of tracks from the mixer-window.
Please make it!!!


Remove this ARCHAIC edging from arrange and Mixer windows.
Cubasis looks more modern than Cubase Pro!

Hi Matthias,
Thank you for the reply! :slight_smile:
Cubase 11 is good and stable, no doubt. The problem here is that, just few things from previous surveys were improved and almost nothing from the most requested things…
I did many feature requests in the past and just decided to stop, because they are still not there and no one. from the team, ever answered these requests.
Matthias, the team behind Dorico work mostly with professional musicians, and the product is goes in the right direction…
Cubase on the other side becoming a software for people who has no musical knowledge with these Scale Assistant, Chord Assistant, Circle of Fifths… bunch of useless things (Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against them, but since there are far more important missing features…). While basic things like Triplet and Dotted grids are missing from the Audio Editor, Free Warping… The Score Editor needs serious improvement( it’s totally outdated), or better to be replaced by the one in Dorico. Also real-time bidirectional synchronization between Cubase and Dorico is needed, and there was survey about it. No single step was done in Cubase into the integration process…
Currently I’m more active on Dorico’s forum, because there we could have constructive dialogs with the team. In Cubase’s forum is almost impossible to have discussions on features with people from the team…
I personally expected some serious steps toward the integration between Cubase and Dorico after the survey, but unfortunately zero steps…

Best regards,


Hi Thurisaz,

While I respect your perspective, I disagree with many of your points.

I know, it’s the internet and people tend to be more drastic in arguing here, so I can deal with that. The feedback on features like the scale assistant is very different from professionals composers who have to deal with something like the Bartok scale or programming harp glissandos in different keys. It can be a huge time saver.

The integration of Cubase & Dorico is a big topic, but also a huge challenge considering that Cubase is coming from the MIDI programming perspective, while Dorico is approaching the score editing from the engraving world. This is nothing that could be brought together over night. It’s a process and definitely a mid term goal for Steinberg. What could be done for Cubase 11 was the support of the SMUFL font and some more usability improvements. Integration from the UX perspective.

I’m sorry that you feel like Cubase is heading into the wrong direction, but I can assure you that with the last versions we invested a vast amount of our energy and resources into improvements for professional composers and producers based on exactly their feedback.



To reply to both this and to Thurisaz. I have been thrilled with the key editor improvements, but I couldn’t tell you what other features were added.

Communication especially around feature requests could be better. I think a lot of companies struggle with this. You can’t deliver everything, and regardless of the choice, you will never please everyone.

I do think Steinberg/Cubase could do a lot more to communicate with their users and respond or track feature requests. If something is in Backlog, or not in the current development lifecycle tell us. Cubase 11 as a release was completely a black box prior to release.

Instead of seeing official statements, looking forward to a release, or even a list of feature requests that people want. What we were seeing was a bunch of super old forum posts where nobody responded.

At the very least, please share the results from the survey :slight_smile:


I’d love to complete the survey but when I click on the link I get the error:
" This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection."

With all due respect, the Bartok scale is one of the most played scales in jazz and music in general (Bartok scale of C=G melodic minor=F# altered). IMHO somebody that doesn’t know its notes doesn’t deserve the “professional composer” tag.

I agree with Thurisaz that those tools (Scale Assistant, Circle of Fifths) are a bit out of context in Cubase. As a keyboard player I prefer Cubase to other DAWS because of its powerful MIDI editor, but for those who don’t play keys, Reason, Maschine and Ableton Live are a more natural choice with plenty of possibilities of dragging and dropping stuff to create music without hitting a single note (Cubase doesn’t even include a loop grid).

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I can deal with “a bit out of context” better than with “a bunch of useless things”. As I said, there are users from different experience levels and musical backgrounds working with Cubase. Of course tools like Scale Assistant will be more useful for users who haven’t taken the music composition class at Berklee. But there are still use cases where these tools could be helpful even in the professional context, just to speed up things. At least that is the feedback that we have received from some of our artists during the development of the feature. The statements from the “sneak preview” sessions on our YouTube channel are genuine feedback.

But this is the case for a lot of features in Cubase. The score editor is not much of interest for someone producing electronic music. All the MIDI features are less interesting for recording studios. If you are not recording vocals or multi-track drums, there are are a lot of features that you probably won’t use often in Cubase. Still, all these different users are requesting specific improvements in their workflows and our job is to find a good balance for each version while improving the overall consistency and usability of the application. Additionally, as every company we are dealing with limited resources. We also have to make decisions on the priorities of the feature development based on efficiency and availability of resources in specific teams of experts.


Ok, I will step up to the plate and bat. Although I don’t think the new scale assistant was needed as a separate tool I am very glad that we finally got the restrict the editor to lock into scale. As Matthias writes it makes some task a whole lot faster. Locking keys to pitch and drawing in patterns with the pen/sine and other tools makes it really fast to draw arpeggios and patterns. Sure I could click in each separate note one at a time, but why would I want to wast time on that? Improoving on basic editing tools benefits all, pros and hoobyist Joe’s alike. But to make it even more pro it would be nice if the chord tools and the chord track could handle suspended, 11ths, 13ths and other more advanced chords as well. Thank you Steinberg, version 11 was the best update for me since you introduced the chord track (which is good, but as I mentioned a bit basic).


Yes i am getting the same . Cannot remove from list on the hub.