Cubase 11 Cycle Recording MIDI takes


I am trying to do a seemingly simple thing -

Cycle recording of MIDI, listening only to my live playing (current take) as I do it (and not an expanding stack of my previous takes), and then when I am done directly selecting any given take as the one to “hear” or “keep” during playback.

I wouldn’t care if this selection is done via a Solo button, or clicking on a lane or whatever, but the point is to do one simple selection to make active whichever take I want to audition next.


What I’m getting instead is either:

a) all takes (lanes) are ready for selection (via Solo) after I’m done BUT I had to listen to them stack into an audible mess WHILE I recorded
[this is Mix-Stacked mode]


b) I hear my live take as desired while doing the loop recording, BUT at the end I have a whole bunch of muted takes (save the last one) which ARE NOT ready to be selected for auditioning via Solo (or any other method?). Doing a manual unmute on each take is an absurd pitfall to efficient work. [this is Stacked mode]

I feel like I must be missing something. Am I? If so, what is it?

Is there a whole other way I should be going about this?

As for what I’m seeing, what is the point of it? Why not have Stacked mode automatically unmute all the takes and then automatically Solo the last one?

This would create the same “last take ready” effect while allowing one-click change to a different take via the Solo buttons.


Please, use the Comp tool and click to the MIDI Part to enable it and disable the others.

Thank you Martin!

Using the Comp tool after recording in Stacked mode gives me “one-click” auditioning very nicely.

May I ask - suppose I’ve recorded several lanes and then auditioned them with the Comp tool and next I want to continue recording additional lanes in the same track w/o hearing the previous takes while I do so.

What would you suggest as the most efficient way to proceed?

(In essence, I want to leave the Comp mode with “no lane selected”, if you follow my meaning.)