Cubase 11 doesn't always jump to selected track


When searching for a track in the search field on the left top side of the grid/project window it often doesn’t jump to the track I just selected in that field. It remains out of sight.
Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t so I don’t know if it can possibly be a feature that is enabled or disabled.

I made a video showing it. Anyone experiences the same or has any ideas?
Costing a lot of time having to routine scroll to the track.

Edit: It does generally jump to the track when I select it twice. Basically when I select it the first time and it remains out of sight it does come into sight after I select it again.


If the track is collapsed in the folder, then the folder doesn’t open and show the track. Is this the case?


even that seems to be random. I just tried it and the first time it did open the collapsed folder, the second time it only selected the folder in which track is contained without opening it.
So, sometimes it doesn’t open the folder with the selected track, other times it does open the folder with the selected track but doesn’t bring it “into sight”. Other times it works as expected - opens the folder + brings the track into sight.

Just as I’m typing it I’ve done a test and it did open the folder with the selected track, but it didn’t bring it “into sight”. I had to scroll to it, but the folder was already open.