Cubase 11 edit vari audio

I have duplicated one vocal over several tracks and want to edit the vari audio to each track differently
When I alter one vocal track, every vocal track is changed as things stand at the moment
This never used to happen until recently.
I have tried different configurations and read up the topic in the cubase manual but nothing I have done or read yet, has solved this
Does anyone know if I can change a setting so that that edit vari audio only affects a highlighted track?
Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Once you start to edit VariAudio and you are sharing the clip multiple times in the project, Cubase will ask (by default) of you want to edit all the shared Audio Events or if you want to create new version and edit only this specific Audio Event. You should create a new one in your case.

If Cubase doesn’t ask you, change the settings on the Preferences > edit shared Audio Event, please.

Yes altering the preferences in cubase has sorted this
thank you
However if I click on the new waveform now, within vari audio edit, it produces no sound even though the volume is up
Is there a further fix for this?


What exactly do you mean by this, please?

When I hover and Press the mouse key over the new duplicate waveform within vari audio, It outputs, no volume. It will only output volume when I play from Cubase- So it’s difficult to tell where to place the audio block, that I’m trying to edit
I really hope that explains it And thanks for this


Is the Acoustic Feedback button enabled in the editor?

Is Control Room enabled in your system?

No it wasn’t and that’s it. Thanks for solving this for me. Cheers Phil