Cubase 11 - Editor background is flickering

The editor background (solid color) is flickering constantly. Easily visible when opening an empty project for example.
When looking at the monitor refresh-sync, it is jumping sporadically between 144hz and 49hz causing syncing issues. This feels seizure inducing and the problem needs to be patched out.
This problem is most likely prominent on any system with G-sync or G-sync compatible monitors.

I have noticed some flickering issues from time to time - it used to be much worse. Beyond keeping my drivers up to date, and occasionally rolling them back, I have a profile for Cubase 11 in the NVIDIA Control Panel that seems to help alleviate most of the issues. I got the idea for it from this thread: Update on screen lag & freezes - #3 by GNP

After playing around with many other settings and getting some weird black screen behavior every time the GPU is called on to draw something. I arrived at using these 2 settings:
Max Frame Rate: 120 FPS (my system actual setting)
Preferred refresh rate: Highest available

I still get occasional “window bleed” where I see some part of Cubase or another window come through, but it’s definitely not a constant thing. I mainly see that issue when I’m in the separate audio event editor window and holding ctrl+alt to pan through audio in a clip.

Hope that helps!