Cubase 11 Elements how to upgrade trial to pain version?

I this forum is all new to me.
I hope it works

I have just gownloaded Cubase 11 Elements. I would like to purchase a paid version.
I am not sure what to do. The process is frightening I think.
Any help would be gratefully received

Hi Dumiya, welcome to the forum.

you can buy direct from Steinberg

click on the ‘buy cubase 11’ button
alternatively you can buy from your nearest/favourite retailer.


Common, Cubase doesn’t have a “pain” version. There are “lovely” versions only. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist for this typo. :smiley:

“Pain version” actually was a typo. The window closed and I was new to this version of the forum as it posted the page.
I have checked all the paths to pay for an upgrade from 10.5 but it seems as if Cubase 11 Elements is only available as a full version. I cannot find an upgrade path.
Any help would be appreciated.


There are updates available in the Steinberg’s shop. See the attached screenshot, please.

All good,
Yes I found the update page through “My Steinberg”. I have the ‘paid’ version now.
Thank you all you replied. I have been a Cubase user from the floppy disk era!
I understand the need for "licenses, however the process can be quite frightening, especially in the floppy disk era.
But enough of that.
Thank you

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