Cubase 11 elements install on more than one computer?

I installed Cubase 11 Elements on a laptop about a year ago. I recently purchased a upgraded computer system strictly for music production and wanted to install it on the new computer but it appears that it won’t allow it. Do I need to buy another license? Do I scrap the old license and laptop I no longer use? Can I transfer the old license to the new computer without buying another license?

Can’t to that with any Steinberg software like you do with other software. Unfortunately you have to buy a new license or to go into your Steinberg’s account deactivate the license and reactivate on the new computer. Do this step everytime you want to change your computer.

Yes, simply reactivate following the Steinberg support article on the subject.

Thanks, in this case I will try to deactivate it and install it on the new computer. Do I need to do anything different to the access key license software too?

If you have the dongle you can activate it on the it, like this you can use it on more than one computer by plugin in the dongle on the computer that you need. If you activate it on the dongle you won’t have the possibility to move it again and will remain on the dongle.

Looks like I need to purchase the USB dongle since I don’t have it and need to move the license around to different computers in the studio. Thanks for the info.

I would contact support first, because Cubase Elements is intended to work without a dongle and they should find a solution for you. Also, I personaly hope that they will find a better license solution in the very near future because a lot of people is complaining about it from a long long time ago.

You can use an USB dongle to move your license freely, but here is the complete procedure to activate your license in the new computer without a dongle

See this link and follow all the instructions:

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Indeed, but that procedure is not intended to be used on a daily basis.

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Hello, I tried that several times and now it locks me out with a permanent error message

I think you should contact support.