Cubase 11 Elements - Recording Beat Scholar Drums (Windows 10)

Hey there,

I am using Cubase 11 Elements, and am trying to lay down a beat that I created with Beat Scholar. when I create a new Instrument track with Beat Scholar I can see that the level meters are showing that it is recognizing the input. However, when I go to record, I get nothing. Just a blank track.
I have Record enabled, and have tried with Monitor on and off. I have tried using my Scarlett 18i8 interface, I have tried using ASIO4ALL, as well as the Generic Windows ASIO driver. None will allow me to record the sound that I am hearing. I have reached out to Beat Scholar, but the suggestions they asked me to try do not work either.
1. Use Render in Place (I do not have that option under Edit)
2. Use Group track (still cannot get anything to record)

Does anyone have experience with this? Is the issue that I am using Elements and not Pro? I have not had a single issue with Guitars using Neural DSP or any of my NI plugin instruments, just this one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Are you trying to render an instrument track?

If it’s a short loop, you could drag the midi clip to the sampler in the lower zone, and it will create an audio clip of that event.

Or if it’s a full track, you could solo it, and export the mixdown.
Render in place and recording one track onto another are not available in Cubase Elements.

I’m just trying to use my typical workflow.

  1. Add instrument track with VST plugin
  2. Make sure the correct output is set
  3. Push record, and compose

When I record using NI instruments, I use Kontakt 7 - Event output, but with Beat scholar I have tried all possible MIDI options and cannot get it to record). I see everything like it should be recording, but once I try, it is just an empty track (see image). I do not have this problem with any other plugins. I MUST be doing something wrong…

No Audio

You don’t need to record.
Simply drag each pattern pad from Beat Scholar to the project area in Cubase. It will create a midi clip for each pattern.

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Thank you, @Giovanni_Buchelli. I will try that as well, it seems easier.

However, after a few emails back and forth, Modalics’ amazing support was able to help me figure this out. So I will leave the solution for anyone that may want to use this plugin the way I was trying to. I wanted to take the beat I created in Beat Scholar and add to a new track. Then I wanted to replace the Beat Scholar sound with my Get Good Drums kit. This worked perfectly.

  1. Add Instrument track, in this case - Beat Scholar
  2. Disable the internal sampler
  3. Add a new Instrument track, for this I wanted Get Good Drums, so I added a Kontakt 7 track
  4. Make sure “Beat Scholar MIDI” is set as the input to Kontakt
  5. Record the Kontakt track (not the Beat Scholar track).

This is an image of the process they shared with me.