Cubase 11 elements, Render click?

Good morning, I recently bought cubase 11 element, I am surprised to see that you do not have the option to render the metronome, may I have to invest a lot more to be able to use this option alone? Is there another way to render the metronome without investing so much money?

Thank you very much to all

Why do you want to render the metronome?
This is generated on the fly from within Cubaseā€¦

what you mean?.. All is possible in cubase :wink:

Thanks for your answer, but, in the elemnts 11 version those options are not available, signature track no longer appears, therefore the render option does not appear :neutral_face:

You can create a midi click though, and render-in-place, or export audio.

ohh sorry, I didnt saw you was talking about elements, it worth to invest in pro version, not just for be able to render metronome, there is many useful options and tools.