Cubase 11 - EQ plugin and meter register changes but I cannot hear the effect on the sound

Hello all,
Can anyone help on being able to hear the sound changes made through EQ on Cubase pro 11?
I upgraded from Cubase elements 10 to Cubase pro 11 and I use a keyboard MOXF8 as interface. While using Elements 10, I was told by a Steinberg rep that I would not have EQ capabilities on individual MIDI tracks/channels. Unfortunately it was not mentioned that I could render the MIDI track into audio track and have EQ on it. Only today I learned about it. I had EQ on stereo output channel but I did not use it because I wanted to make changes on individual channels first. Now that I know how to have EQ on each track, the changes that I make does not come through my headphone or speakers. I can see changes on the plugin ( the default one or Frequency) and on Output metering system but I cannot hear it neither on the speakers that are connected to my MOXF8 as audio interface nor on my headphone. I tried switching the from Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO to my computer own sound card “Generic low latency ASIO driver” and it didn’t work either. A Steinberg associate advised me to do a clearing under “initializing preferences” but it didn’t help. Is there anything that I should activate? Any box that I should check?
Your help is much appreciated.
Thank you

HI, I know you posted this a while ago but I’m having the same issue but in Nuendo 11. Did you ever find a fix? Thanks!