Cubase 11 Event list MIDI event order fine tuning tedious

In Cubase 11 Pro, which supports the MIDI event list, is there a way to easily move around events even when they have the same MIDI timestamp? (Is there an edit button, in Windows we’re accustomed to F2, but it does something else here?) As synths receive events in order (and, of course, there’s a latency between events even if they are marked at the same timestamp due to, well… physics… hum MIDI protocol throughput, reality vs. magic: no: events don’t arrive simultaneously), I like to order my events according to a certain policy: e.g. have a Cc 10 (pan) event at (or pitch bend reset to 0 for example) go before the note at I always end up moving down and up the note to force it last.
Also, when drawing ramps, the first event is placed before the measure, whereas I’d rather have it before the note at *.1.1.0.
Also, the Ctrl-Z / Ctrl-Shift-Z history doesn’t seem to care to restore the original order of the events, even though it is important. In some cases, you get audio clicks when events arrive in the wrong order.
Could you add policies to allow choosing which events come first on a single timestamp? I would advocate for {No Off < Cc 121&co < Program Change < Pitch Bend < Cc Vol/Pan/Fx&co+NRPN < Note On}.
If synths don’t react fast enough and need events before with greater latency, could there be a policy setting on the MIDI track?
Thanks in advance.


No, this is not possible. It’s not on Cubase side. The MIDI Specification defines the order. The MIDI Notes are always send from bottom (MIDI Note 0) to the top (MIDI Note 127). I’m not sure about the order of MIDI CCs vs MIDI Notes. For the details, read the MIDI Specification, please.