Cubase 11 - Exit with Task Manager!

Cubase has a big existential problem. :open_mouth:
It is now a habit. I have presented a possible solution but steinberg ignores it. I think the problem is in the eLicenser process mentioned in the previous post:


Is there any *.dmp file in your Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps folder, please?

Plugin’s ? Any Acustica Audio plugin’s ?

My thought too. There is a long standing issue with AA plugins that both Microsoft, Steinberg and AA are aware of.

I created a batch file to close cubase because of this, it’s got nothing to do with the e licenser. It’s a windows direct x .dll that hands on close after the program has been open for a while.


I can see quite a few new AA customers over the Black Friday and the extended week coming on here for advice .Cheers for the batch file BTW , i’ll hang on till this issues sorted ,i’m in no rush :smiley:

I don’t use AA plug-ins. I touch iron but the problem has not occurred for several days. Windows 10 continues its update profiling, maybe one of these has solved the problem even if I find it strange that windows fix it, usually it repairs one and breaks three. Anyway let’s say that today I used cubase a lot and I had no problems closing. I touch the iron again, you never know. :open_mouth: :mrgreen:

Cubase Safe Mode is a nice thing but for this problem it doesn’t help me much.