Cubase 11 - Export Path History Cleared and Disabled


About a week into using Cubase 11, the export path history stopped updating with the most recent paths. I cleared the history, hoping to kick-start the feature again, but now all history remains empty, with only the default choices—though it does remember the past path used within the main “Path” line.

I just found out that this has happened to my brother, just now—who started using C11 when I did.

I’m unaware of me doing anything unusual to cause this.

Anyone else experiencing this or know how to get C11 to start saving recent paths in that dropdown?

I searched the forum and couldn’t see specifically this issue.

I’m experiencing the exact same thing. The history stopped updating, I cleared it, and now I have no history at all.

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Bump. Is no one else experiencing this? The 11.0.10 update did not fix this for me.